Rodea’s Real Slave Workout

Rodea's Real Slave Workout

I decided that this slave is NOT in good enough shape for me! So I command it to get on this treadmill so I can whip it into shape. Can u believe it tries 2 get up and actually walk on it?? LOL! So I command it to get on its hands and knees n CRAWL on the treadmill- and I dont care if it rips the skin off its knees, it is a SLAVE and it needs 2 exercise like one! Which means I will also be RIDING on its BACK the entire time too- to make SURE it gets a really good slave-workout! And to provide some extra encouragement 4 it, I even tie my dirty gym sneaker in front of its nose like a carrot on a stick haha. So it crawls even faster with me on its back just trying desperately 2 reach my dirty sneaker 2 sniff n kiss it LOL. And if that’s not enough motivation 4 it, I also beat its ass with my riding crop 4 even more “encouragement”!

I totally increase the incline and vary the speeds on the treadmill while riding the slave 2 play with it and have fun at its expense. This was SUCH a fun workout- for ME! (The slave seemed to be dying underneath me, but I really don’t care. LOL)
Oh, and btw in real life the slave’s knees were TOTALLY torn 2 SHREDS by the treadmill! LOL!)

Dommes Rodea

Keywords: Female Domination, Dommes Worship, Femdom, Treadmill Fetish, Ponyplay

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