Ruined Jerk

Ruined Jerk

Mistress Carmela n Domina Jass had so much fun learning ballbusting in the kicking contest that I think they will enjoy getting some kicks in from BEHIND now! Its even more fun that way anyway, because the stupid slave can’t even see them coming! Domina Jass just walks up and slams her size 6 foot right in that tight spot to catch some loser balls with each kick…
We also made the slave stop masturbating 4 a minute n specifically thank each one of Mistress Carmela’s incredible, muscular thighs- we made him thank them one at a time 4 the destruction they delivered that made him quit earlier and will deliver MORE destruction now from behind while he are on his knees worshiping me on my throne…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Mistress

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17 min

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