Sadie is a ball breaking tease Part 1 + 2

Sadie is a ball breaking tease Part 1 + 2

Sadie Holmes invited Lance Hart over. It’s late, so he thinks it’s a booty call. She’s only wearing a bra n black leggings. Sadie tells Lance that before he can fuck her, he has 2 indulge her little fetish. She loves kicking boys in the balls…

She makes him a deal. If he can take ten hard kicks 2 the balls, she will fuck him… She makes him spread his legs n kicks him hard, “Oh that wasn’t that hard, I can go a lot harder… [GIGGLE]”

“When I am done with your balls, u might not have anything left…”

Sadie teases Lance in between dropping him with hard kicks, encouraging him 2 keep going, and giving him blue balls at the same time until she finally leaves him holding his sore blue balls while she giggles n bounds away.

*this clip has some really hard ball kicking. I was pretty sore after :)

Sadie convinced Lance 2 come back, and promised to fuck him this time. Now she’s just wearing thigh highs with skulls on them n sexy laced panties. Lance tells her his balls are healed up n he is ready 2 fuck, but that is a problem 4 Sadie…

She tells him she only wants 2 fuck him if it’s going 2 hurt him. She loves the idea of her ass bouncing hard against his sore aching balls… so she is going 2 have 2 damage his nuts some more.

This time there is no counting game, no lies, just ball breaking. She does take advantage of him while he is on the ground by straddling his face n slapping his balls so she can feel him scream into her pussy, making her hornier n meaner…

After she is convinced that his balls are hurting enough, she kicks him hard again while he is laying on the ground and walks off…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Facesitting, Pussy Worship, Teasing, Panties

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Part 1

Part 2

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