Sadistic Vibrations

Sadistic Vibrations

I just happen to LIKE having my feet worshipped. Yeah, it reminds a slave of its place – completely BENEATH me – but its not really about “humiliation” 4 me. I`m HOT, and these assholes should consider it an HONOR just 2 have my FEET shoved down their throat, the way I see it. And I LIKE the feeling of a warm mouth on my gorgeous feet… :)

The only thing better than a warm mouth is a VIBRATING warm mouth on my feet! So I command this loser 2 kneel before me as I sit on the Mean Girl Throne, remove my shoes, and basically swallow my foot whole. Then my friend Princess Cindi does me a favor and BEATS him as hard as she possibly can to make it (the loser) send vibrations through my foot, using its screams. :)
It’s like a nice, relaxing massage 4 Me. Not so much 4 the slave…

Dommes Rodea

Keywords: Femdom, Footworship, Whipping, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Humiliation

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