Sado Ladies – The Lazy Slave

Sado Ladies - The Lazy Slave

What a stupid boy! This lazy slave was ordered to clean the cellar but instead doing his job he sleeps on the couch. And he sleeps so deep that he even doesn’t hear the heavy noise on the iron stair, made by the stiletto heels of Miss Leni’s designer boots.

“I can’t belive, how dare u?”, the young Mistress hisses and sticks her rubber cane into his belly. He is confused and tries to excuse but Leni is delirious. “On the bench!”, she orders n points out to the wooden rack. He obeys and the cruel beauty locks his arms and legs.

What follows is a hard beating with this devilish, thick rubber cane. It bites deep into his ass, it is heavy pain deep under the skin. And his ass is already damaged from earlier punishments. After a while Miss Leni’s anger changes into sadistic fun. It seems that his pain is the best way to change her mood…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Hard, Brutal, Sado-Ladies, Caning, White Blouse, Young Femdom, Young Mistress, Teen, Miss Leni, Leni

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6 min

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