Sado Ladies – The Mad Secretaries – Human Ashtray

Sado Ladies - The Mad Secretaries - Human Ashtray

Do u remember the mad secretaries who keep the new gardener imprisoned in the basement of the company. This clip is the last part of the story n the secretaries start to show their full cruelty now.

After lonely hours and hours in the cold basement, the gardener is visited by the young and mean secretaries again. They light up long n thin cigarettes. “It’s cold here”, Faye says, “But we will show you the meaning of -hot-“, she continues with a mean smile on her face n she looks at the hot tip of her cigarette.

“Open your mouth!”, Cloe commands and then she drops the hot ash on his tongue. Faye does the same with her cigarette. That’s just the beginning of his training, some day he will be a perfect slave 4 these arrogant ladies…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Smoking, Cigarette, Lady Faye, Mistress Cloe, Cloe, Faye, Smoke, Human Ashtray, Mistress, Double Domination, Leggings, Humiliation, Dual Domination

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7 min

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