Sado Ladies – You Are Our Slave Now

Sado Ladies - You Are Our Slave Now

Day by day the brave book keeper Fred meets these two breathtaking women at work. They always wear short skirts and tight blazers and he has never seen them without high heels. High heels, he desires so much and the arrogance of these women makes him shiver in devotion everytime.

This day, he managed to meet one of the women alone at the office and he made her a compliment for her style and especially her shoes. She looked at him, then she smiled n asked him to meet her and her friend at lunch break in the small hall behind the office block. Masked.

As he arrives, the arrogant women are already waiting for him. “Fred, come here!”, Cloe says and he answers: “Yes, Cloe.”. Immediately she points 2 the ground. “Down on your knees and call me Lady Cloe! We`re not in the office anymore!”. What you can see in this clip is his introduction to female domination now. He is made to clean every inch of their high heeled shoes while he has to keep his position on his knees in front of the young Mistresses…

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