Sara Luvv’s Ripping Slave Flesh And Finds It Highly AdDICKting!

Sara Luvvs Ripping Slave Flesh And Finds It Highly AdDICKting!

Mega-hottie Sara Luvv is joined by the ruthless Empress Jenn n Princess Kendall. Empress Jenn the last time around ripped through the slave n made a really bloody mess alongside Dommess Amadahy. SHE CAN NOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! An unexpected bl**dy Ballbusting enthusiast emerges in Sara Luvv who fancies the idea of ripping the slave’s cock n testicles with spikes! She is just so excited about it and really shows it throughout the clip. She kicks its dick many times and becomes fascinated by it and early on makes its dick leak. They keep kicking him for another Seven mintues and Jenn’s boots just become soaked in slave juices. ACTUAL COMPLETE CLIP IS TEN MINUTES LONG! If u think this is great, just wait until you see a future clip where Sara Luvv is throwing a princess fit because despite ripping through its testicles with the bottom of her heel(intentionally) and spikes she just wants more and more bl**d and aims 2 create a “masterpiece” out of the slave’s otherwise useless sack of flesh.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ballbusting, Ball Abuse, Empress Jennifer, Princess Kendall, Sara Luvv

585 mb
10 min

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