Sarah Diavola – Devil Worship

Sarah Diavola - Devil Worship

I bet Jesus doesn’t let u fuck. Come here, weak man, and meet the embrace of someone who can make all of your dreams come true. Don’t be on the fence. Jump over. Come 2 the other side. Indulge in your carnal pleasures n deny your stupid religion. As a matter of fact, I want u 2 get your foolish Bible n place it between us. The devil can recite the Bible verse by verse. I am going 2 tell u exactly what types of sick, sexy, ecstatic fucking u can do without being tethered by a prude god. Don’t u want 2 enjoy your life? Even if u do go 2 hell, imagine all the fucking u can do there! Come, make love 2 Satan. Let the devil fuck u good n hard. Come… cum right on that Bible, u sinner. Cum 2 Satan. Seal your fate with a soul-stealing orgasm n turn 2 the dark side completely.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Sarah Diavola, Teasing, Free

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