Sarah Gets him in Trouble

Sarah Gets him in Trouble

Sarah is sitting on the couch with the slave n she gets a devious idea. The other girls are going to be home soon, and she wonders what they’d do 2 him if they walked in and he had a hard on, and she told them that he was jerking off. The other girls kick n stomp on his balls just 4 fun, if they thought he was jerking off on the couch like a pervert, they would probably cut his dick off

She knows he’s obsessed with her perfect tits, so she grabs his balls n squeezes, and tells him 2 grab her boob…. He is reluctant but can’t resists because he really wants to grab her boob and he really wants her to let his balls go, but he knows that he’ll be fully hard if he even touches her perfect tits

Sarah teases him with her pantyhose covered feet, then straddles him gives him a raging hard on with her perfect ass while she slaps his balls

“U aree getting your dick taken :)”

He begs her to stop because they are going 2 be home any minute but she is relentless with a smile. When she’s convinced that he’s as hard as can be she stands up and knees him in the balls. Sarah here’s the girls coming and hops up quick, ready to start her story.

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Balls squeezes

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