Sarah teases n kicks in leggings

Sarah teases n kicks in leggings

Sarah is wearing a tight tank top and black leggings and she has the slave on the floor with his legs spread. She teases him with her feet n hot body while she kicks n stomps his cock n balls. He starts to get hard from her teasing (which she is really good at) and she kicks him even more

“U are starting 2 get hard aren’t u

U want some more then

I’ll be taking your balls off today

U won’t be getting hard without any balls will u…..? Maybe I’ll keep them in a jar :)” At one point she sits right on his face n teases his cock n balls with her feet, and squishes them both…… “U like my ass in your face don’t u….?” When she’s done she says, “I think I am done with u…. I’ll take your balls later :)”

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Kicking, Ballbusting

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