Sch00l Girl Fart Humi

Sch00l Girl Fart Humi

I was just walking through the hall at school when this nerd thought he could just talk 2 me, duh! I was like, oh youre so cute, but youre a nerd loser, haha! I informed him that I could not be seen in public talking 2 him and I could definitely not give him my phone number. But I was willing 2 give him the complete humiliation n degradation that he deserved My farts. I made him sniff my ass while he was down on his knees in the hallway so that everyone could watch this spectacle. I must have farted dozens of times with his face right in my ass, haha! I love destroying lives and I`m sooo glad this loser will forever be called fart face 4 the rest of his life by everybody in sch00l! Haha!

Pr1nc3ss B3v3rly

Keywords: Female Domination, School Uniform, Humiliation, Farting, Femdom, Brat Girls, Young Mistress

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