Scissor Foxes – Chichi Medina – “Handle The Pressure!”

Scissor Foxes - Chichi Medina -

As if interviews weren’t difficult enough, try getting hired by the owner of Chichi Enterprises; Chichi Medina. She’s a real hard ass! Take this gentleman for example. He was simply applying for an internship but Chichi tells him straight up that she doesn’t like him and doesn’t think he can handle the pressure. He makes the mistake of saying that he can handle the pressure. Chichi grins, gets up from her chair n throws him to the ground. Within seconds, he’s getting choked out by this high profile business woman whose legs feel so muscular that you’d think they were built just for squeezing. Her pantyhose feel soft on the skin but her power grip immediately cuts off any circulation. It’s a terrifying and intense sensation! While scissoring him, she yells at him to “TRY TO GET OUT!” and to “HANDLE THE PRESSURE!” but he’s too busy trying to survive without air. When she puts him in a reverse headscissor, her perfect ass engulfs his neck and really strikes a new level of panic. She really works him and slowly removes pieces of clothing as she gets hot. By the end, she’s wearing nothing but a thong, a bra and her silky pantyhose. She pins him up against the bed n jams her foot in his throat. No wonder this woman is in charge. After nearly destroying his throat with her foot, she lets him go and invites him to a second interview tomorrow. Now that’s how you run a successful business.

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