Scissorvixens – Stefania Slay – Pantyhose PRESSURE!

Scissorvixens - Stefania Slay - Pantyhose PRESSURE!

We 1st introduced Stefania Slay as Penny Hart when she debuted on our site. At that time Penny considered herself far more of a submissive than a domme.

But after our shoot Penny came to the realization she’s got more of a domme side than she realized and ultimately decided to change her name to something a little more fitting to her newfound “I like kicking men’s assess!” persona!

This was Stefania’s second video with us n after finding her domme-side really started to crank on the PRESSURE!

In this video she’s tired of listening to her neighbor complain about her loud music, parties and everything in between so she pays him a visit.

But when he tells her she’s been nothing but trouble ever since moving-in next door she shows him real trouble from between her SEXY pantyhose-clad thighs!

Stefania’s thighs are BIG and POWERFUL and when she clamps them around his neck and pours on the Pantyhose PRESSURE it’s more than he can take, begging her to let him go!

But not before her big-mouth neighbor learns his PAINFUL lesson one BRUTAL SCISSORS after the other!

In the end she does the neighborly thing and helps him take a ‘peaceful’ nap after one last Pantyhose SQUEEEEEEZE!

So check out Stefania Slay (formerly Penny Hart) in ‘Pantyhose PRESSURE!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissorhold, Penny Hart, Strong Legs, Stefania Slay, Scissor, Brutal, Pantyhose, Hard

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