Seduced, Tied 2 the Wall, and Abused PART 2

Seduced, Tied 2 the Wall, and Abused PART 2

Venessa Cage returns 2 Lance in the dungeon. She has left him tied up 4 a very long time. “Honestly, I kind of forgot about u [giggle]”

She’s wearing black pantyhose, and a tight black teddy. Now that he’s completely restrained, and his balls are as blue as possible, she lets loose with some real hard kicks. He only gets a break when she decides 2 tease him with her body 2 get his cock harder, and hear him beg, just 2 giggle n return 2 more ball abuse with knees, kicks n squeezes…

Vennessa wants 2 really Lance crazy, so she gets some lube n starts 2 jerk him off, but just barely. Every stroke she gives his cock she counts, and then kicks him or knees him that many times in the balls. She is very seductive n sensual with the handjob part, and heartless with the ballbusting that follows.

When she’s has all the fun she wants, she leaves him again, in agony n with no release on the wall.

To Be Continued… And Part 1

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Tease And Denial, Pantyhose, Leotard, Brat Girl, Teasing, Handjob, Blue Balls

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