Seduced, Tied to the Wall

Seduced, Tied to the Wall

Venessa has lured Lance into a dungeon 2 have some fun. He thinks they are going to hook up, but she has other plans. She teases him and lightly knees his balls at 1st, letting him know that she’s into to some freaky stuff. She’s very sweet n flirty, and seems so innocent in her pigtails n purple leggings…

She tells him that she’ll suck his dick if he can take a little ballbusting. After a few kicks, she convinces him to let her tie him to a wall.

As soon as he’s naked n fully restrained, she leaves him tied up with sore balls…

Venessa returns 2 Lance in the dungeon. She has left him tied up for a very long time. “Honestly, I kind of forgot about u [giggle]”

She’s wearing black pantyhose, and a tight black teddy. Now that he’s completely restrained, and his balls are as blue as possible, she lets loose with some real hard kicks. He only gets a break when she decides 2 tease him with her body to get his cock harder, and hear him beg, just to giggle n return to more ball abuse with knees, kicks n squeezes

Vennessa wants 2 really Lance crazy, so she gets some lube and starts to jerk him off, but just barely. Every stroke she gives his cock she counts, and then kicks him or knees him that many times in the balls. She is very seductive and sensual with the handjob part, and heartless with the ballbusting that follows.

When she’s has all the fun she wants, she leaves him again, in agony and with no release on the wall.

Venessa returns 2 Lance after a few days. She’s just getting back from school and he’s begging her to untie him, but she loves having him captive, so she can play with him anytime she wants. He’s suffering from her ballbusting, but he can’t deny the raging hard on that she gives him, and she loves it.

She strips off her tight skirt n teases him some more, then kicks his exposed balls and laughs at him, and smiles while he moans. Then starts with the counting handjob game again, where every kind stroke on his throbbing cock will be accounted 4 as a kick or knee 2 the balls.

When she has all the fun she wants, she runs off with a smile and tells him 2 have a good time with his blue balls.

Venessa has returned 2 Lance, and this time she brought her hot friend, JC Simpson. They are both wearing black lingerie teddies. Venessa tells JC about how she’s had him captive 4 a long time, and only come to visit him to torment his cock n balls. JC thinks this is awesome, and jumps right in on the ball busting. The two hotties joke around with eachother while they torment him and giggle. They joke about the idea of Nutting him, and scare the crap out of Lance.

Vennessa show JC their little handjob counting game, and explains how it works. The two girls go back and forth between giving Lance heaven and hell.

Venessa was an angel compared 2 JC with the ballbusting. JC’s legs are a mile long, and her knees n kicks are no joke. As a team they are terribly sexy and brutal. Especially when they are both on their knees squeezing his balls n jerking him off, telling him how they want to cut off his balls n keep them in a jar…

JC wants to see his sore balls finally cum, so she tells Venessa that she’s going to milk his load all over Venessa’s black lingerie. He’s been tied up and teased 4 days, and they want to know just how big of a load he has stored up.

Lance finally cums all over Venessa, but his huge orgasm is ruined by JC immediately after as she torments his super sensitive cock n balls. Vennessa strips off her cum covered lingerie, and drapes it over Lance’s face… They know he’s starving from being tied up 4 days, so they leave him to lick his own cum off his face and her lingerie, while they go get some dinner and giggle on their way out.

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Handjob, Ballbusting

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