Sex Therapist Jasmine Shy

Sex Therapist Jasmine Shy

Lance Hart is seeking some help from a Sex Therapist who came highly recommended 2 him. He did not know that she would be a super hot big boobed woman in a tight skirt n nylons…

Dr Jasmine Shy wants to help him, and quickly shows Lance how she operates… She gropes him, puts his hands on her tits, and gives him a raging hard-on, then tells him she is going 2 show him how fuck… Lance is all about it, until he sees her put a big strap-on dildo on…

Dr Jasmine rails his ass until he loves it, showing him what it is like to take a cock. Then flips him over n keeps fucking him while she plays with his cock. She lubes up her perfect huge tits n tells him to fuck her tits. As his hard cock plunges into her big round tits, her strap-on cock is going in and out of his ass until he cums all over her.

Lance is going to need more therapy….

Lance is back for his second therapy session with Dr Jasmine Shy. The last time, she showed him how to fuck by fucking his ass with a strap-on. This time, she needs 2 help him work on his stamina. She clearly is turned on by her work, and gets him naked quick, teases his cock till it is fully hard, then knees him in the balls…. He is not allowed to cum in this session, and if he does, she will have to take him to her “other room” 4 more “intense” treatment….

Dr Jasmine teases the fuck out of Lance, kneeing him in the balls from time 2 time, but his cock does not go down at all with her huge tits in his face. She gets so turned on by her work, she grabs his hard cock and rubs it against her clit over her shiny leotard n pantyhose until she cums.

She is very clear that he is not allowed to cum, but keeps stroking his cock until he blows his load all over his stomach and her pantyhose… It looks like Lance is in 4 some intense treatment… After Lance completely failed in his last session with sex therapist Dr Jasmine Shy, in which he was supposed to work on his stamina and refrain from cumming, Jasmine needs to take more extreme measures to help him, so she chained him to the wall in a dungeon…

Now Dr Jasmine is wearing a really short shirt, white pantyhose, a really tight tank top and her sexy glasses… She is going 2 get him hard, make sure his balls completely fill up with cum, and leave him there with the worst blue balls of his life. But 1st she knees him in the balls just 4 fun.

She starts to get him hard by lubing up his cock and making him 2 fuck her perfect tits while she looks up into his eyes with a cruel smile. Once she is convinced his balls are full of cum, she knees him hard in the nuts. Then to rub it in, she grabs a vibrator in one hand and his hard cock in the other… As she brings her self to orgasm just inches away from him, she squeezes n bends his cock while kissing him sensually.

Then she knees him hard in the nuts, titty fucks his throbbing cock some more, knees him some more, and leaves him chained 2 the ball with the bluest balls of his life…

Dr Jasmine Shy returns to Lance Hart, still bound in her dungeon. Now she is wearing a sheer nylon bodysuit n high heels. She will actually let him cum this time, but only if he has the stamina to make it through 10 full minutes of lubed up cock teasing. She helps him last longer by kneeing him hard in the balls from time to time, then milks his cock out, just to make him lick it off her finger.

Keywords: Femdom, Bondage, Teasing, White Pantyhose, Strapon

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