Sexy Ball Breaking Club Boss

Sexy Ball Breaking Club Boss

Veronica Love owns a night club. Lance Hart is one of her male dancers. He fucked a girl that works 4 Veronica, who happened 2 be one of her close friends. Fucking co-workers is strictly against the rules. He needs 2 be punished, and Veronica just loves to punish her attractive male employees…

She had the girls at the club handcuff Lance 2 a stripper pole in his skimpy uniform, a bow tie and a tight speedo that makes his cock n balls bulge, ready 4 impact… Veronica 1st paces around Lance, squeezing his balls, letting him know his in big trouble, then unleashes a crazy series of hard kicks 2 his bulge.

He can’t get away. Chained 2 the poll and ordered to spread his legs and take the abuse, Lance is fucked. Veronica knows Lance is a horny fuck, so she teases him with her body. She strips her top off so he can watch her amazing tits bounce while she laughs n destroys his balls.

Veronica loves how much power she has over his sensitive balls. After a bunch of knees n kicks, she simply leans down, cups his package n drives two fingernails into his nuts, making him moan in agony n submission.

to be continued.

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