Sexy Cute and Evil Chemistry Partner

Sexy Cute and Evil Chemistry Partner

Kyle n Elan Kane are in the same chemistry class, and Kyle asker Elan 2 be his lab partner, because she is Asian, and he figured she’d do all the work. What he doesn’t know is that Elan is adorably insane about breaking balls…

She comes over to his place to study, and when she finds out that he isn’t going 2 helping her with her lab work, she decides to trick him in to letting her break his nuts. Elan is perfectly seductive in a cute way. She coerses lazy Kyle to put up with a few little kicks n knees at 1st, in hopes of getting 2 fuck her…

Elan gets crazier as the night goes on. She eventually gets so excited that she leaves him on the couch with sore balls, scampering off to get something from her car…

Elan comes back from her car, and she’s wearing a sexy teddy, fishnets n high heels. She’s on a mission now…

Kyle thinks he’s about to get laid, but he has no idea how nuts his sexy little asian chemistry partner is about hurting his balls. She knees n kicks him a few times, then lays him down naked n starts to lube up and stroke his cock. Elan explains that she loves kicking balls, but what she really loves is getting guys right to the edge of orgasm then stopping. Nothing makes her happier than knowing that a guy she likes has sore blue balls all night. She’s fucking nuts in the most adorable way…

After edging Kyle a couple times and ignoring his pleas to cum, Elan walks away. He has no idea she’s about to move into his apartment and take over his life…

Time has passed, and now Kyle’s new chemistry partner has moved in with him. She’s irresistibly cute and he really wants 2 fuck her, but there’s no denying that she’s fucking insane.

She still won’t let him cum. She’s still obsessed with kicking him in the balls n teasing him, giving him crazy lines like, “U love me don’t u…”

In this episode, Elan is wearing sexy patterned tights, a miniskirt n high heels. She wants to jerk Kyle off, but she’s not going to let him cum, and she’s going to be kicking n kneeing him in the balls while she strokes. She actually believes that this is a good thing to do.

Elan Kane perfectly pulls off the adorable/evil role in these clips. She’s sweet as can be, stroking away at his cock, then immediately goes crazy-eyes on him and hurts his balls over n over.

The day has finally come. Elan is more than ecstatic 2 finally milk her boyfriend Kyle’s cock. She’s bouncing off the walls. She runs into the bedroom n wakes him up in her striped leotard, patterned tights and red high heels.

Kyle has been through so much teasing n ballbusting with her that he doesn’t know what to think, plus he’s only been awake 4 a few seconds when she’s already lubing up his cock. She gives him a little grab n squeeze action, then tells him the deal… after he cums, she going to take his balls…

Kyle can’t hold back, and blows his load all over her patterned pantyhose. Elan is so happy she’s finally going to get to Nut him. It’s her biggest fantasy.

Keywords: Femdom, Handjob, Teasing, Miniskirt, High Heels, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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