Sexy Lesbians Trick Lance Part 2

Sexy Lesbians Trick Lance Part 2

Two hot lesbians, Catherine Fox & Ivy Sin, have lured Lance into a padded room under the ruse that they would have a hot threesome with them. They are hot 4 each other, not him, and don’t need his cock n balls.

This clip starts out with Lance already on the ground from some hard ballbusting. Now the two hotties are taking turns smothering n facesitting him while the other abuses his balls. They are clearly turned on be each other, and only using him 4 their amusement until Ivy finally finishes him with a sexy scissor hold around his neck, and they leave him on the floor so they can go have some fun together.

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Ballbusting, Free

363 mb
10 min

Part 1

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