Sexy Russian Ballbuster Part 1

Sexy Russian Ballbuster Part 1

Olga Snow is wearing fishnets, heels, bunny ears and a tight see thru leotard. She drives Lance crazy with some slutty teasing, rubbing her sexy body against his, telling him in her commanding Russian accent to grab her tits… but she makes it very clear that she likes 2 be in control when she knees him hard in the balls n giggles…

Olga has Lance so horny he will do anything to get off, so he does whatever she says, even spread his legs for her when she orders him 2 so she can knee him really hard. She fakes him out a couple times, and giggles, then nails him hard in the nuts, crumpling him over.

While he is down, she struts over him, grabs him by the balls n squeezes. She squeezes hard 4 a long time, crushing his nuts but sensually hovering her lips over his, teasing him by almost kissing him, then squeezing harder… “Maybe I can pop one if I squeeze hard enough…”

If he is going 2 cum, he is going to have to do everything she wants…

to be continued…

Keywords: Ballbusting, Russian Accent, Bunny Costume, Fishnets, Leotard, Heels, Ball Squeezing, Knees, Sensual Femdom, Emasculation Threats, Femdom

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