She Owns Your Manhood – Lillith Luxe – Demon Lilith Seduces Batman Part 1

She Owns Your Manhood - Lillith Luxe - Demon Lilith Seduces Batman Part 1

Batman is on the hunt for a Demon Villainess, Lilith Luxe. Her teleportation powers make her nearly impossible to find, and her magical demon seduction powers make her extremely dangerous…

She appears in front of him wearing lingerie n fishnets with pink panties and a corset. Lilith laughs, “Looking for me, Batman…” She works fast and with a simple touch Batman is nearly frozen under her powerful seduction spell. His incredible strong will allows him to struggle against it for a moment. He can’t help himself from wanting her, but at least he is physically stronger, so he chokes her against the wall n takes control.

“Have it your way, Lilith…” Batman gropes her and feels between her fishnet covered thighs, rubbing her pussy. Lilith laughs n rolls her eyes. She knows she is really in control. Just when she knows Batman is completely full of lust she disappears again. He scans the hallway for her but can only hear her voice.

“What’s wrong Bats? Are you worried I won’t play with your cock?” Lilith cackles, then suddenly reappears on her knees in front of him with his hard cock already in her mouth. She laughs while she sucks his cock. He stays frozen under her spell. She drools on his cock, taking all of his will.

“If you want to cum, you are going to have to give me something… Will you take off your mask?” Batman refuses to unmask himself and reveal his true identity until Lilith toys with his throbbing cock refusing to suck anymore…

“Fine!” He moans, and she teleports his mask right off his face.

“I’ll get your cum even if I have to teleport it out of your balls!” Lilith doesn’t need to use her powers. He sloppy sensual blowjob technique makes Batman fill her mouth with cum. She lets his cum drip down her chin, stands up n tells him to kiss her. Batman is completely her slave now. He kisses his own cum out of her demon mouth and she pushes him onto the floor with one finger.

“I am not done with you. I am going to teleport us somewhere more comfortable where I’ll ride your hero face for all eternity…”


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