Shelly the Ballerina breaks his balls

Shelly the Ballerina breaks his balls

Shelly is in a leotard n fishnets n wants 2 know if he can take 20 hits to the balls. If he can make it to 20, she’ll give him a foot job. If he can’t, she’ll just stomp on his balls while he’s on the ground :)

“Oh, your ok….” (as she pats him on the balls) [HARD KNEE]

She tries to encourage him, “It’s been so long since u’ve cum, don’t u want this.” (she teases him with her ass) then another hard hit :)

Once he’s laid out on the floor begging her 2 stop, she hits him with some snap kicks direct 2 the balls n finishes the job.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Free

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