Shes Gonna Help Me Destroy Your Balls

Shes Gonna Help Me Destroy Your Balls

M1ss Lum1n0us has Macy Cart3l chained up in her dungeon. Macy is in a sexy bunny outfit, and Luminous is wearing a tight high cut see through leotard with fishnets n high heels.

Luminous notices u jerking off 2 them, and she decides 2 let u continue. She teases u, and plays with Macy a little while u jack off. She will let u jerk off 2 them, but only if u let them chain u up next, and they get 2 do whatever they want 2 your cock n balls…

Macy gets excited when Lum1n0us tells her that she is going 2 give her a vibrator so she can play with herself while Lum1n0us destroys your nuts, and after she cums, she can help Nut u.

Keywords: Emasculation Talk, Female Domination, Fishnets, Leotard Fetish, Bondage, JOI, CBT Talk, Femdom POV, Free

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