Shockingly Fun

Shockingly Fun

This huge slave was left in a tiny cage with a ballshocker strapped 2 its nuts and its hands cuffed 2 sides of its cage by Adrianna’s mom while she went out on a date. Poor thing… LOL. Apparently Adrianna’s mom doesn’t care about it at ALL. In fact, her mom said we could “play” with the big old slave as much as we wanted! Yay! Fun! So we basically take turns shocking the sh!tt out of its balls n making it jump in its tiny cage while we laugh. We even turn the dial all the way up 2 “15” (the highest setting it has) n let him have it! Haha. Apparently that doesn’t feel very good. This thing on its nuts was made 4 big dawgs 2 shock them on the neck through their thick fur. Can’t imagine that would feel very good on your tender balls, huh? Oh well… Adrianna’s mom said we can do anything we want 2 it, so…


Keywords: Femdom, Eelectric Play, Female Domination, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Kendall, Adriana, Ballshocker, Cage

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8 min

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