Shoe Slave 4 N1na

Shoe Slave 4 N1na

This pathetic loser literally begged n begged 2 be my slave, He said he would do “anything” I told him 2 do…, so I gave him a fucken opportunity 2 kneel at my feet n clean my heels while I sat upon the M3an G1rls throne. It’s the lowest job u can give a slave- 2 lick the dirt n filth off the soles of your shoes. But it’s what they were made 4. And this loser DID say he would do “anything”…

He did an ok job, so I may be using him 2 lick my heels clean again soon…

Keywords: Footworhip, Shoeslicking, Foot Fetish, Mistress Worship, Humiliation, Femdom

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