Shrink The Inferior Humans (1080 HD)

Shrink The Inferior Humans (1080 HD)

Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would listen 2 reason, haha! At 1st she was telling me to be nice to mortals but after I explained 2 her that it is fun to step on lowly humans, she finally got it! We had a nice chat about how great my new evil shrink ray was n we talked about the various foot grinding techniques we could use when stepping on shrunken men! Especially those mortals that write us emails n ask to kiss Wonder Womans feet! She hates that n is only too happy 2 give those losers what they deserve. I show her the man that I shrunk n put him in my shoe. Then I walk on him! Oh, it turns out that tenderized shrunken men taste delicious too!

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Superheroine, Giantess, Bella, Raven, Foot Fetish, Crushing, Super Villains, Free

918 mb
10 min

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