Sit on his face while I jerk him off

Sit on his face while I jerk him off

Jinx Hollywood walks Kyle Chaos into the room. She’s wearing tattered pantyhose, a mini-skirt, sneakers, a pink corset and a pink hat. Her huge tits are out and bouncing around.

“So I am gonna jerk your dick, but my friend Lizzy here is gonna sit on your face while I do it.”

Lizzy Lamb is wearing a teddy and a belt. She’s eager 2 smother Kyle’s face with her ass and crotch.

Jinx jerks Kyle’s dick while Lizzy enjoys herself riding n smothering Kyle’s face. Jinx lubes up her huge tits n fucks Kyle’s hard cock with them. Then she milks his cum out all over his stomach.

Lizzy smiles, “That was hot, but I am not done with his face yet!” She sits back on his face and continues 2 smother him.

Keywords: Femdom, Facesitting, Assworship, Big Tits, Tattoos, Titty Fucking, Pantyhose, Mini Skirt, Sneakers, Leotard, One Piece, Cum Shot, Handjob

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