Bryskys Chastity Check In

Bryskys Chastity Check In

Esmi Lee n Alexa Rydell are checking in on one of their slaves. They had him in chastity 4 a long time, and they just unlocked his swollen cock n balls to make sure everything still works. They shackled his hands and Alexa is sitting on his face in her leotard n shiny pantyhose, while Esmi is lubing up his cock.

His cock seems 2 be working fine, but will they let him have release…?

Alexa continues to smother his face with her perfect ass while Esmi strokes his cock n taunts n humiliates him. She brings him right 2 the edge of orgasm multiple times, and laughs at his muffled begs (through Alexa’s ass) as she stops his orgasm abruptly each time. These are cruel women who love to give their slaves blue balls.

Even though Brysky begs and begs, they leave him naked on the couch with a throbbing, twitching hard on.

Esmi n Alexa return to Brysky who is aching with blue balls, naked on the couch. This time, Esmi sits on his face in her tight mini-skirt n tights while Alexa teases his lubed up cock. They tell Brysky that they will let him cum, but in return 4 their mercy they are going to lock him back in chastity 4 a full year…

Esmi continues 2 humiliate him and she encourages Alexa to get him as close 2 cumming as possible. Eventually, with enough begging, Esmi tells Alexa to let him cum, so she strokes his throbbing cock with both lubed up hands until he cums.

As punishment 4 getting his cum on Alexa’s hands, the girls tickle the fck out of him 2 ruin his orgasm.

Keywords: Tickling Femdom, Handjob, Pantyhose, Leotard, Mini-Skirt, Leggings, Facesitting, Assworship, Humiliation, Begging, Ruined Orgasm

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