Slaveray Pays For Dinner: Financial Domination Feat Mandy Flores

Slaveray Pays For Dinner: Financial Domination Feat Mandy Flores

After punishing slaveray (visit his store) with a paddle n putting a diaper on is sore ass the boys and I are hungry and have so more alcohol to pick up for the weekend. I am chaining slave to the metal bar on the couch so he cant get into mischeive while I am gone. I am sure he wont after the beating he took, but I love to humiliate him anyways. slaves must always know their place. I was slightly pleased with the fact that while I was paddling him HARD he never begged me to stop so I though he could have a little something to worship while I was gone. Lucky little bitch got the freshest pair of panties but of course they werent ‘free’ haha He handed over his wallet, he was going to pay for dinner and all other supplies for the weekend, including my salon visit to get my toe nails prettied up. At the restaurant we talk a little on how funny the whole situation is, ponder how much left overs we should bring ray if any at all and pay the bill with his money. He left a minimum tip because the service was at bare minimum as well but no matter, it was still $150!! Back to the room I demand slave on his knees with his doggy bowl in hand and he waving his little tail at me. So excited to be with his mistress again. I love to humiliate and abuse this worthless man. He will do pretty much anything 4 me. Include eating scraps out of a dogbowl in front of my friends. *Mandy Flores* You might also enjoy… The Brat Spa 5 Star Medal Spit Slut…

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