Slutty Bimbo Ignores U in Yoga Pants

Slutty Bimbo Ignores U in Yoga Pants

Veronica Love is topless, only wearing yoga pants. She is on the phone with her slutty girlfriend, talking about big dicks and how horny they are. U`re in the room, but she is ignoring u while u jerk off 2 her.

She mentions 2 her friend that u`re in the room, jerking your pathetic dick, but she doesn’t pay much attention 2 u while she touches her pussy through her yoga pants, getting horny while she tells her friend how horny she got over some other guy’s huge cock…

Veronica mentions 2 her friend again how tiny your cock is and giggles. Clearly they are both making fun of u…

She makes plans with her friend 2 go on a “Cock Fest” at a club tonight. She talks about how slutty she’s going 2 dress, and how she knows she’ll go home with at least one huge dick.

She convinces her friend to help her team up on some huge dicks n suck them together. “I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s a big cock that makes my mouth water…”

While she’s on the phone she notices that u actually came. While her friend is still on the phone she giggles n tells u 2 lick up your own cum, so her slutty girlfriend can hear how pathetic u`re.

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