Smothered Milked & Stomped

Smothered Milked & Stomped

[this is “Worship My Cum Soaked Panties” and “Im Stomping Your Balls After You Cum” as one continuous clip 4 a discount]

Dre makes Lance worship her ass while she gets herself off with a vibrator. She wants his face burried in her perfect ass while she soaks her panties with cum.

She straddles his face n grinds his head while she cums. She puts the vibrator on his cock n balls 2 make him hard, then denies him n smothers his face more.

Dre tells Lance she will milk his cock until he cums, but she is going 2 stomp on his balls right after he cums…

She strokes his cock sensually, but abuses his balls every time he gets too excited. She pulls hard on his balls while he is fully erect n comments on how she wants to destroy them. “Maybe I’ll just crush them… cut them off… come on, just one?”

After she milks his cum out, she makes fun of him 4 blowing a small load on her fishnets, then stomps his balls n leaves him in agony.

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