So Humiliating

So Humiliating

This slave got dragged in on a leash from the dawg cage 4 his 1st clip with me & Ashley. We basically humiliated him n spit on him do bring him down 2 the proper level before a long day of beatings here at MGM. Princess B3v3r1y was directing this video n had some red lipstick handy n suggested we give this loser what he deserves A nice big LOSER written on his forehead. If u see the other clips where we beat his ass u might see it in those clips too because he had 2 wear that on his head all fucking day, haha!

This asshole was smiling like we were playing with him until we slapped that smile right off his face a few times. If u come here 2 MGM u need 2 know u`ll be humiliated 4 real!

There is nothing more disgusting than a slave that likes how we`re abusing him, haha! Thats why the goal is 2 take in beyond that level n make him regret begging 4 degradation & humiliation. If u actually ask a girl 2 humiliate n degrade u, then u`re not a real man n u should not even be able 2 have offspring. U need 2 learn there is no way u should smile at us or try 2 act normal, u`re a Loser 24/7 forever after we record this.

Princess Chanel

Keywords: Femdom, Humiliation, Chanel, Ashley, Beverly, Female Domination, Spitting, Faceslapping

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