Sold Trapped n Nutted Part 3

Sold Trapped n Nutted Part 3

Jasmine returns 2 her sex slave, still bound in her dungeon. Now she is wearing a sexy tight black leotard, black pantyhose, and high heels…

She has a bottle of lube in her hand, and wants 2 milk her slave’s balls empty before she Nuts him. After he is nuetered, a group of guys are going 2 come over n have their way with his ass. Jasmine needs 2 make some extra money with her sex slave, and needs 2 make sure that he doesn’t enjoy any of it.

Before she starts 2 lube up his cock 4 his last milking ever, Jasmine kicks Lance hard in the balls a couple times. Then she peels her tight leotard down 2 expose her big perfect breasts. As she strokes his cock she reminds him that if he cums, he is losing his balls. Maybe he can hold out…

She continues 2 stroke n tease him, talking dirty, and playing with her tits. Just to make sure he won’t be able 2 keep from cumming she lubes up her big round perfect breasts n goes back n forth between stroking his cock with her hand n her perfect tits.

Lance cannot hold out from cumming while fucking her perfect tits. As he gets closer n closer Jasmine tells him with a smile, “Don’t cum or I am going 2 cut off your balls…” and he blows his last load all over her neck n big tits. He didn’t need those balls anyway, after all, he’s going 2 be her anal sex slave from now on.

Keywords: Ballbusting, Femdom, Handjob, Pantyhose, Leotard, High Heels, Emasculation Talk, Encouraged Bi Talk

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