Spiked Chastity w Randy M00r3

Spiked Chastity w Randy M00r3

Randy is doing her make up and u`re on your knees behind her, staring at her perfect ass in her leggings. She has already locked your cock up in a spiked chastity cage, and each time her ass wiggles, your cock rages against the spikes, but you cannot stop staring…

Randy notices u, and loves watching u make yourself squirm. She teases u with her amazing body. Ass Randy struts back n forth, her heels click on the hard wood floor n your chastity cage makes u wince, which she loves.

She tells u how much fun she had dancing the night before, she talks about the hot guys and girls she met, then she really gets cruel n takes off her bra…

Keywords: Spiked Chastity, Cock Tease, Leggings, Yoga Pants, Femdom POV, Teasing

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