Spread Wide n Beaten Red

Spread Wide n Beaten Red

Domina Lexi, Kendra, & Snow have their slave in quite a diabolical predicament. With his arms and legs locked in wooden stocks n spread open, he is completely vulnerable & helpless 4 whatever these notorious sadists have in mind 4 him – which is, unsurprisingly, a whole lot of pain. Using a mix of whips, riding crops, and slappers, the Dominas take turns abusing his ass and inner thighs, his chastised balls, and even his feet. Whenever the pain from an ass beating, or a “missed” whip stroke that just “happens” 2 hit his locked up balls, gets 2 be too much, the slave tries 2 get away, but all he accomplishes is lifting his ass up higher, making it even easier 2 beat on! When his cries of pain get too annoying, Kendra coldly reminds him 2 shut up because they just don’t care how badly they hurt him. By the time these vicious Dominatrix are done, the poor slave’s ass n sensitive inner thighs are covered in deep red stripes.

Keywords: Femdom, Lexi, Kendra, Free, Bondage, Whipping, Chastity

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