Stephani Just Wants to Bust Balls

Stephani Just Wants to Bust Balls

Lance is working hard at a fetish convention, and hired a girl named Stephani 2 help him with all the model paper work n other odds n ends. Now that Stephani has seen what the other girls get 2 do, she is excited n turned on by kicking boys in the nuts, teasing them, and all that fun. She wants THAT job…

When Lance tries 2 talk her into the paperwork job because his balls are sore from all the abuse so far, she grinds up against him all seductive like, rubbing her pantyhose and tight mini dress clad body against his, then she knees him in the balls…

Stefani is a natural at teasing n busting balls… She keeps grinding n teasing and talking sweet n apologetic, but doesn’t stop driving his nuts into his stomach.

Lance is trying 2 explain to Stefani that he really needs the paper work done, when another model shows up 4 the shoot… Stefani cant believe that he is going 2 shoot this other girl and not her, and the other model model doesnt mind jumping in on abusing Lance, so the two girls take turns holding him while the other knees his balls. Now Lance has a two hotties teaming up on him, and they arent listening to anything. Stephani asks her new friend 2 finish him off, and she gladly does with a strong rapid blast of knees, then the two hotties leave Lance in the hotel room holding his balls…

Stephani and her new hot model friend walk in on Lance in his hotel room. His balls are pretty sore from how they left him. They heard he has another shoot coming up soon, and want to ruin it form him…

He is weak, and cant defend himself much as they take turns holding him while the other abuses his balls. Stephani is wearing sexy patterned pantyhose, and her friend is wearing sexy footless fishnets. They get him on the bed, and Stephani locks his neck up with her sexy leg while her friend lubes up his cock. He begs them not to make him cum, because he has a scene in a few minutes, but they know that, and want 2 fck up his production, so Stephani puts her hand over his mouth to shut him up while her friend keeps milking his cock.

She squeezes n massages his sore nuts while she strokes him, talking n laughing with Stephani while she strokes his cock. They keep counting down the minutes he has until his models show up and he is supposed 2 film another scene, knowing they are going 2 fck it up 4 him. Even though it hurts his balls, Lance cant help but enjoy her stroking his cock, and cant help but 2 cum all over her fishnets. The two hotties leave him in the hotel room, happy that they fucked up his job 4 the day.

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