Stomp on your balls in sneakers POV

Stomp on your balls in sneakers POV

Kelly was about to go out 4 a run but she wishes she could work out in another way. She would way rather get some cardio by stomping n kicking on your balls, and she tells u all about it while she stretches n poses in all kinds of sexy ways in her purple tights n sneakers. “Instead of stretching on this hard floor, I’d way rather sit on your face while I do it…….. and maybe I could jump on your balls…. :)”

“I’d love to just sit on your face and use your cock and balls as a punching bag n laugh at your muffled cries…..:)”

Before she leaves 4 her run she has u smack yourself in the balls as she stomps on the ground, and the leaves u.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Teasing, Humiliation, Kicking, Free

183 mb
5 min

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