Summer Monroe Happy Emasculatrix

Summer Monroe Happy Emasculatrix

Summer loves her job. She really loves her job. Women pay her 2 destroy the balls of men who they don’t think deserve balls anymore, and they pay her well…

She put music on and dances around. She likes 2 wear tight clothes because she likes the men who about to lose their manhood forever 2 lose them at the hand of a sex object like her.

Summer giggles n teases u about your fate. Then she makes a deal with u. She really wants 2 kick u in the balls before she cuts them off. Really, she can do whatever she wants with u, but she wants u 2 actually beg her 2 kick u in the balls as hard as she can.

She knows she can make this happen. She simply tells u that she will get u off one last time before she destroys your balls… so just go ahead, beg her 2 kick u as hard as she can. It’s the last thing u’ll do as a man…

She gets really excited when u agree, and builds anticipation, giggling n bouncing her tits while u comply and get on your knees n spread your legs as far as possible.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Emasculation, Taking Balls, Pantyhose, Leotard, Dancing, Big Fake Tits, Bimbo Femdom, Ballbusting Talk, Tease

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