Survive on Your Pre Cum PIXIE BALLBUSTING

Survive on Your Pre Cum PIXIE BALLBUSTING

Pixie Von Bat has a new slave. She also got a new stripper pole…

She wants 2 dance and she wants him 2 watch. She grabs his balls, “But if u get hard, I am kicking u in the balls!”

Pixie then grinds on him, and it’s hopeless. She can see him bulging in his underwear. So she goes 2 town on his balls with HARD kicks n knees. Pixie is a young n sweet little lady. Her tone is adorable, but her abuse is rough.

After a lot of abuse n teasing in her tight leotard n tattered pantyhose, she takes off his underwear 2 reveal a full hard on. She tells him she is going 2 kick him until it “goes away,” but the harder she kicks, he just gets harder and drips pre-cum.

She makes him eat his pre-cum, then makes him hump her thighs. “Are u hungry? As long as your my slave all u`ll have 2 eat is your own pre-cum. And u won’t be allowed 2 really cum 4 a long, long time…”

If her slave wants 2 eat n survive, he has to stay on the edge of an orgasm. This won’t be a problem with her brutal teasing n abusing

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Dancing, Torn Pantyhose, Orgasm Denail, Leg Humping, Pre-Cum Eating, Young Mistress, Teasing

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