T1ffan1 Disciplines U with Rectal Temperature Diaper Detention

T1ffan1 Disciplines U with Rectal Temperature Diaper Detention

T1ffan1 is tired of u messing your disciplinary diapers with naughty #3 goo-goo squirts while she’s out on dates with her real-man boyfriend. That’s a no-no, little man! So 2 punish u 4 making mischief in your diapers, Tiffani lays u down on a fresh diaper before her date. But instead of powdering your bum-bum, teasing your stiffie n creaming your little sissy parts with diaper rash ointment, Tiffani turns u onto your tummy n forces your hiney cheeks apart. Uh oh! Tiffani holds up a rectal thermometer with a big glob of ointment on the tip. While Tiffani is out on her date, u`re going 2 be left to wriggle around on your pink diaper changing blankie with a pacifier in your mouth, an open diaper beneath u, and your rectal thermometer firmly in place. If Tiffani discovers any sissy-goo squirts plastered in your diapers after her date, she is going 2 ask her mean boyfriend 2 remove your thermometer, spank u, powder u, tape your diapers snugly around your hips, and make u wear them until they’re wet n messy. So unless u want 2 experience the humiliation of being diapered n disciplined by Tiffani’s boyfriend, u better keep your thermometer all they way in place and your diaper free of cummies while Tiffani is on her date. Sissy.

Keywords: Sissy Training, Cuckold, Age Regression, Humiliation, Adult Diaper, Diapers, Free, Femdom POV, Princess Tiffani

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