Electic CBT Suspended Cage Part 1 – Into the Cage and Wires

Electic CBT Femdom

Electricity is a wonder of the modern age. High tech sex toys can provide incredible pain or incredible pleasure.
My slave is wired into a tens unit with a microphone that detects the sound of my voice to deliver a painful SHOCK to his family jewels!
Now I don’t even have to touch him with my hands. I can hurt my slave from across the room without raising a finger.
I can torture or pleasure my slave with just the sound of my hypnotic voice.
Electricity is such a time and energy saving invention!
I enjoy watching him struggling to stand in his sky-high fetish ballet boots while I put him through a CBT “sound test.” He won‘t be able to move an inch in any direction once I have him restrained in a restrictive metal cage. I especially like that every bar in this apparatus is adjustable and LOCKABLE for maximum bondage intensity.
Now he is completely at the mercy of my voice and the electrodes wrapped around his helpless cock and balls.

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14 min

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