The Russian Amazons – Lisa – Submitted with head scissors

The Russian Amazons - Lisa - Submitted with head scissors

A young Russian beauty with long red hair who used to do gymnastics wrestles a skinny guy. The rule of the match is that she can use only head scissors hold. Lisa is 60 kg, 132 lb, 170 cm , 66 inch, 21 y.o. The guy is 60 kg, 132 lb, 170 cm , 66 inch, 22 y.o. She has a trained firm bogy, good abs, long strong legs, she is barefoot. Lisa is playful, she wants to make him tap as many times as possible by her strong legs in tight leggins. She attacks him, grabs his head, puts his neck between her legs n squeezes. The guys face looks pathetic when he tries to resist the pressure. He taps may times and in the end of the match he is lying at her feet half conscious while is performing a victory pose.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Russian, Scissorhold, Scissor, Lisa, Mixed Wrestling, Head Scissor, Young Mistress

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Scissorvixens – Madam Alex Coal – Scissors Eviction

Scissorvixens - Madam Alex Coal - Scissors Eviction

Sure…after we 1st shot with her, I could tell from our victim’s anguished face that Madame Alex Coal was definitely stronger than she looks but good lord did she SQUEEEEZE the living daylights out of me in this video!

You will cringe when you see how Drew’s veins in his forehead look like they are going to explode along with the deep red color in his face!

No doubt…Madame Alex Coal’s little legs can administer far more power than they look! It’s freaky just how strong her SQUEEEEEZE is for her petite size!

And her bodyscissors were no less shocking, causing sharp pains in Drew’s stomach as if his organs were literally being compressed into liquid!

Of course what Madame Alex Coal takes the most pride in is her ridiculously gorgeous ass but damn…it’s nearly impossible to appreciate it just inches from your face when you are head feels like it’s going to pop off!

In this video Drew’s receiving a vicious scissor beating from Madame Alex Coal for trying to evict her from his apartment.

He foolishly tries to carry her over his shoulders but Alex Coal quickly traps his head between in thighs n forces him down to the couch.

From there…it’s TORTURE TIME between Madame Alex Coals smooth but lethal legs!

At one point she tells him while holding him prisoner in a reverse head scissor, “You are going to do as I say….so I don’t need to choke you out!”.

Of course the stubborn landlord doesn’t seem to learn too easily but finally can’t take the beating, or PRESSURE, anymore and gives in to her demands.

In the end she tells him…”Ok, I am going to make sure you are not going to forget this!”, as she pours on the pressure in one of the most excruciating side neck scissors Drew as ever felt!

So, as long as Madame Alex Coal’s THIGHS are paying the ‘rent’…she will be staying as long as she wants!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Alex Coal, ScissorVixens, Young Mistress, Teen, Scissorhold, Scissor

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ScissorVixens – Goddess Amadahy – Give Me the Code Or Get CRUSHED

ScissorVixens - Goddess Amadahy - Give Me the Code Or Get CRUSHED

She’s SADISTIC! She’s VICIOUS! She’s BRUTAL and she LOVES KNOCKING HER VICTIMS OUT! She is of course Goddess Amadahy!

This was a custom video request in which Goddess Amadahy plays the role of an assassin skilled in the art of torture designed to extract information from her targets. In this case she arrives at the house of a leading scientist with information she’s been hired to obtain.

She knocks on his door innocently dressed in a white blouse and jeans asking to use his phone after her car broke down. But when he turns his back to her while leading her into his house she knocks him out cold with a powerful karate chop to his neck! He then slowly wakes up n finds his hands tied to the back of a chair while she begins her interrogation dressed in a black leotard with red stockings.

In the beginning of the interrogation Goddess Amadahy nearly pops his head off (FOR REAL!) in one of the most vicious rear-naked choke holds we have ever seen! (it’s one of the members area video clips). I was actually getting scared from behind the camera that she was going to literally break his neck! In fact I signaled Goddess Amadahy to let loose of the strangle hold because I noticed his frantic contortions n kicking around were slowing down…a sure sign he was on his way out which he was!

Throughout the course of this video our victim gets knocked out numerous times (again…for REAL). These aren’t the snorting, convulsing type of knockouts but rather slowly putting him to sleep “What the hell just happened!?” type of knockouts where he loses consciousness for a few seconds or more before regaining his bearings.

After the shoot we found out that the victim seemed to have rubbed Goddess Amadahy the wrong way at the beginning of the shoot which is something anyone who knows her would NEVER do on purpose! So the result is an absolute BRUTAL scissor beating!

There is no doubt that in real-life Goddess Amadahy would serve as a very effective interrogator and we are sure you will agree after u watch her in action in ‘Give Me the Code or GET CRUSHED!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Goddess Amadahy, Amadahy, Goddess, ScissorVixens, Young Mistress, Scissorhold, Scissor, Crushing

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Panic Lovers – Zoe – Cruel Straight Scissors KOs

Panic Lovers - Zoe - Cruel Straight Scissors KOs

Zoe says: I applied my 1st straight scissors on my slave and instantly realised that this is a very a powerful hold. I make sure to sit on the shoulders of my slave in order to have his neck right in my crotch so I could squeeze him even harder. I grab his hands n tightly press them down onto the bed to make sure he has no chance of even trying to seperate my legs around his neck. He squirms n moves a lot, tries to break his hands free :) However, I do not let him, I make him pass every time :) I tried to apply some figure 4s but to be honest I couldn’t get the hold right so I went back to straight scissors again :) I promise I will learn the hold correctly and squeeze the life out of my slave in a future video with a figure four hold :)

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Zoe, Scissorhold, Scissor, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Smother, Smothering

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Athena 2 – Deadly Night Shade – Ath-397 The Hottest Part

Athena 2 - Deadly Night Shade - Ath-397 The Hottest Part

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Athena 2, Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Woman, Scissor, Scissorhold, Strong Woman

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14 min

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Scissorvixens – Sunshine – Sunshine’s SCISSOR VISE!

Scissorvixens - Sunshine - Sunshine's SCISSOR VISE!

One thing many men believe they`re entitled to is their own workshop complete with a full set of power tools in order to get the ‘job’ done right.

It’s no place for a woman unless you are a woman who isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty n look great doing it as is the case with Sunshine!

With her hair tied back and wearing sinfully short Daisy Duke’s, Sunshine has no problem grabbing a hold of her boyfriend’s power saw and chopping up some wood.

But watch what happens when he catches her in the act of messing with his ‘man tools’ n starts to belittle her effort to use them.

“What exactly are u doing!?”, he asks.

Then as Sunshine clamps the freshly cut piece of wood in a vise he continues with “Do you even know what you are using there!?”.

And that’s when it’s time for Sunshine to show him she knows exactly what a vise is and more importantly…how to use one!

Sunshine is as SEXY as ever as she shows her boyfriend that her power tools don’t need to be plugged in…they only need to be tightly wrapped around his neck!

“Pretty powerful vise, huh!?”, she asks while nearly snapping his neck with a BRUTAL scissors from behind.

Then it’s time to drag him onto his newly made workbench to show him more of her power tools including EYE-POPPING reverse head scissors, STRANGLING figure-4’s and side reverse head scissors that nearly knock him out cold!

In the end she decides it’s time to finish the job by clamping his neck in her THROAT-BUSTING scissors before getting back 2 where she left off!

So check out this SEXY shop-girl as she proves women can handle any tool a man can but not all men can handle hers in ‘Sunshine’s SCISSOR VISE!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissorhold, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Sunshine, Strong Legs, Strong Woman, Head Scissor

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Darkstar Girls – Axa Jay – DSG-370 Axa v Andrew

Darkstar Girls - Axa Jay - DSG-370 Axa v Andrew

The Experienced Axa Jay takes on Andrew in this outdoor wrestling match. As usual, Andrew is full of bravado but it doesn’t take long for Axa to realise that it is just empty noise. We soon find Andrew repeatedly submitting as one painful hold follows another. There is also plenty of face sitting as Axa adds to his humiliation. Andrew’s final ignominy is Axa’s victory pose with her foot planted firmly on his face.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ass Fetish, Axa Jay, Facesitting, Humiliation, Axa Jay, Interracial Femdom, Interracial, Facesit, Scissor, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Scissorhold, Mixed Wrestling, Smother, Ass Smothering, Wrestling

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Jasmine Mendez – First time KO! HD

Jasmine Mendez - First time KO! HD

(Warning there are REAL KO in this video) After a months of contemplating, this UK sub finally built up enough courage to book his 1st Scissorhold Session. He though an innocent looking girl like me could never hurt a man like him lol, He didn’t even last 5minutes, he struggled n tried to resist my KO but I pushed his limits and showed no MERCY. I crushed his throat with my muscular thighs and quickly Knocked him out in a reverse Scissorhold. All men are my toys and they`re meant to be broken.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Big Butts, Bratty Goddess, Jasmine Mendez, Latina, Domination, Boots, Knockout, Latina Domination, Muscular Women, Real Time Domination, Strong Woman, Struggling, Thighs, Scissorhold, Scissor

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Scissorvixens – SVDL-1151 – PSE – Painful SCISSOR Experience!

Scissorvixens - SVDL-1151 - PSE - Painful SCISSOR Experience!

GORGEOUS Megan Loxx is a long-legged 5’7″ tall hottie who loves the put the SQUEEEEEZE on men!

When we contacted her about shooting for ScissorVixens she quickly replied…”Hell yes…now that looks like fun!”.

We love working with models who consider scissoring the daylights out of their male victims ‘fun’ but for their victims…it’s anything but that!

Megan Loxx plays the role of a high-priced escort who has a different ‘take’ on what PSE (porn-star experience) stands for. So when a client contacts her escort service asking for PSE…he has no idea what he’s in for!

Megan Loxx shows up in a tight thigh-revealing pink dress and high heels , informs him that PSE isn’t what he thinks it is.

“Why don’t I get dressed real quick and I’ll show you…?”, she tells him.

He isn’t quite sure what to expect but can’t wait to find out.

Megan emerges from the bathroom wearing a barely-there purple sling-shot bikini that really shows off her curves and huge breasts , begins to show him her version of PSE!

“This is exactly what PSE is…Painful SCISSOR Experience!”, she tells him while CRUSHING him from behind in an excruciating neck scissors!

He soon realizes that the only one getting pleasure out of this ‘experience’ is her and he’s going to go through a lot of PAIN to get her off!

Some HOM (hand over mouth) along with breast smothering to go along with plenty of BRUTAL scissors!

So check out BEAUTIFUL Megan Loxx in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘PSE – Painful SCISSOR Experience!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixen, Scissorhold, HOM, Scissor, Megan Loxx, Hand Over Mouth

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Scissorvixens – Madame Alex Coal – I’ll SCISSOR You If I Want To!

Scissorvixens - Madame Alex Coal - I'll SCISSOR You If I Want To!

If u like that ‘girl next door’ combined with the ‘sexy secretary’ look all wrapped up in fiery red hair and a quiet but dominant attitude then you will love Las Vegas Domme… Madame Alex Coal!

When introducing Madame Coal to scissoring for the 1st time she was clearly excited about her newest form of disciplinarian tools quickly posting on her social pages…”Scissor holds and cutting off a man’s air supply = my new favorite thing.”.

Without question… Madame Alex Coal has one of the best derriere’s we’ve ever seen in which she refers to her amazing buttocks as her ‘money makers’.

Of course we all know that a firm, round and shapely bottom usually adds up to murderous reverse headscissors and anything else that requires skull-crushing power.

And Madame Coal’s thighs are equally effective at bringing on the pressure n pain!

And that she does to her boyfriend who seems to have forgotten who the boss is but is quickly reminded after he attempts to tell her what she can and cannot do!

Madame Coal, and her lethal legs, quickly set him straight by wrapping them around his neck and body for brutal eye-popping and rib-crushing scissor torture!

While CRUSHING him between her thighs she rhetorically asks…”You wanna know how I got these STRONG LEGS!? From go-go dancing!”. This in response to the foolish man telling her she’s not allowed to publicly shake her ass in front of men anymore.

And when she gives him a brief moment of oxygen, he makes the mistake of using it to call her the b-word. He quickly pays an excruciating price as she clamps down and pours on eye-popping pressure in a front head scissors!

On n on it goes until she’s ready to end his suffering by telling him, “Just take a nap honey, you’ll feel so much better after you take a nap.”, as her incredibly sexy but brutal side reverse head scissors helps him do just that!

Don’t ever attempt to tell Madame Alex Coal what her limits are or she will test yours with her thighs wrapped around your scrawny neck!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Alex Coal, Young Mistress, Scissorvixens, Scissorhold, Scissor

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