Primals Sex Fights – Melissa Moore – Sexual Domination Match Melissa Moore vs BT

Primals Sex Fights – Melissa Moore – Sexual Domination Match Melissa Moore vs BT

Melissa n BT are going head to head to see who will cum out on top! Melissa is a lot stronger than she looks, but when it comes to a sexual domination match, BT is not to be underestimated. Fierce fighter Melissa clamps her powerful thighs around BT’s face early on, causing her to let her guard down and go on the defensive. Try as she might to win the match, Melissa struggles to fight her own feelings of ecstasy as BT snatches the win.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Primals Sex Fights, Melissa Moore, Scissor, Scissorhold

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Reality Girls Scissors – Maria Marley Attacks Wimp

Reality Girls Scissors - Maria Marley Attacks Wimp

Hurricane Maria Marley is stunningly beautiful n skilled, here dominating the weaker and less-skilled Thin Man in action. She flexes, laughing her maniacal laugh as she leverages up in a standing headscissors after having donkey kicked him in the balls. He drops to her feet as she drops with him and locks on a bodyscissors/rear naked choke combo. Her face, for a fan of unusually pretty faces, is hard from which 2 look away. A straight headscissors, her long legs coiling around his neck as the ground-trained girl cranks the hold out. A figure-four headscissors n more debasing laughter as he goes purple. A throatscissors – Maria adds an armbar, pushing her hips up as his arm goes out a bit, they seem to agree. Another rear naked choke by the raven-haired hottie who says she loves the sounds of her victim struggling in her RNC. She lets him go n says “my panties are so wet right now.” She loves causing pain. She is a beautiful, mean badass bitch who could break the bitch in front of her in half any time she wishes. She asks if he thinks something bad is going to happen to him. A violent camel clutch – she yanks back as if trying to snap his back, telling him he can’t tap. She stands over him, prone at her feet n pulls him off the mat. He’s in fear. She’s so tall she pulls him down in a rear naked choke – craning his neck to one side to add pain, moving it to a violent trach choke, then back to a rear naked — calling him a “fucking pussy.” Everything she does, she does well, including the violent armbar/bodyscissors combo he says is “crushing my chest.” She bends his fingers back n one or more of them audibly pop. But she doesn’t stop hurting it. The armbar/headscissors she keeps locked on is picturesque. Into a straight headscissors – she yanks up on his pony tail and pours on the power. “Try to move and I’ll break your wrist and your neck,” she says as he suffers in terrible pain. She mocks his pain in her figure-four headscissors, smiling down at him, telling him again how much she loves the sound of hurting him in her headscissors. She could snap his wrist at any time. She can kick his ass, but he’s tough and takes tremendous pain to his neck, his ribs, his arm, his hand. A trach choke and he falls with her as she jerks back on the hold, tightening, then twisting his neck, crushing on the trach choke, pushing the back of his head in the end until he’s convulsing. Awake again but badly dazed, she drags him off the mat, this wild beauty with the violent streak.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor, Figure-4, Scissorhold, RealityGirlsScissors, Domination, Submission Hold, Legs, Maria Marley

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Scissorvixens – Sara Lips – Have a Sip Of My CRUSHING THIGHS!

Scissorvixens - Sara Lips - Have a Sip Of My CRUSHING THIGHS!

I wanted a night in sipping my favorite wine called ‘The Crusher’ but he drank it all so now he gets to sip on my CRUSHERS!

GORGEOUS Irish muscle girl and session wrestler, Sara Lips, finally makes her ScissorVixen debut in CRUSHING fashion!

Without a doubt…Sara Lips is one of the strongest and most sadistic girls we have ever worked with as she truly LOVES making men scream between her huge, muscular thighs!

During our messaging back and forth prior to our shoot she warned me…”I can’t wait to CRUSH the life out of u!”.

Now that’s not something we hear every day from models we are meeting for the 1st time but with Sara…there was no doubt she meant every word of it!

Our poor victim was actually knocked-out while we were taking photos as Sara only knows one way…’Smile and CRUSH for the camera!’.

We didn’t get the full knockout on our video camera but we did catch the final moments of him somewhat conscious but still unable to speak since his face n mouth was still twitching! This is included as a short bonus clip at the beginning of this video.

After our shoot was complete our victim suggested we`ve guys sign a ‘death waiver’ BEFORE shooting with someone as BRUTAL as Sara but of course that would only scare them away.

But we had no idea just how vicious this shoot was going to be and felt bad enough for our victim that we added ‘hazard pay’ to his check which he very much appreciated!

Now I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking Sara Lips isn’t going to respect your limits…she will! But if u want to be taken to your limits over n over again…she will happily do that as well!

In this video Sara was hoping to spend a relaxing evening with her favorite wine labeled ‘The Crusher’ but of course her drunk boyfriend decided to empty the bottle before she even had the opportunity to get one sip!

Dressed in an insanely sexy red thong leotard and high heels Sara wakes him up after slamming the empty wine bottle down on the night stand.

He wakes up feeling a bit hung over but after Sara is done with him he’s going to be feeling much worse!

This is one BRUTAL SCISSOR BEATING the likes of which he won’t soon forget!

Now for anyone who has ever experienced an ‘across the throat’ neck scissors…it’s perhaps the most torturous scissor hold there is since it crushes your larynx making it almost impossible to breath or even make a sound.

Unfortunately for our victim…this is Sara’s favorite scissor hold which she applies with extreme brutality several times in this video.

And in addition to the knockout while taking photos…our victim goes nighty-night in one of Sara’s ‘claustrophobic inducing’ reverse figure-4’s in which he had no idea what the hell happened to him afterwards!

He told us after the video he believes he went out about three times total but was able to regain consciousness as soon as Sara realized it and allowed him to breath in much needed oxygen.

Sara Lips hasn’t been on the session scene very long but she has certainly earned a reputation for leaving limp, broken bodies in her wake and this video is no exception!

So check the beautiful Irish CRUSHER, Sara Lips, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled…’Have a Sip Of My CRUSHING THIGHS!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixen, Scissor, Scissorhold, Sara Lips, Figure-4

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DomNation – Kasey Storm – Jism Or Rent

DomNation - Kasey Storm - Jism Or Rent

Goddess Storm not only manages her slaves, she also manages an apartment complex. She has recently had some problems with a rather fickle male tenant who never seems to have his rent. For the last several months it’s been like a cat n mouse game trying to get the rent from this thoughtless fool.

If her tenant insists on such games, well hell then, why not entertain him. Let’s play some cat and mouse. I believe that cats like to play with their unintelligent prey before ending themvia slow and excruciating oxygen deprivation. So a game of cat and mouse it shall be. Here Mousy mousy!

So prey u shall be you little mouse of a man. How does it feel to be so close to something as beautiful as myself, to be wrapped in the legs that you yourself dream of devouring as they withhold the oxygen from you. I`ll mercilessly keep depriving you until you submit and play the games of my choosing. Take of your pants looser!

You`ve five minutes to ejaculate, this shouldn’t be problematic for such a perv as yourself being in such close proximity to such a flatteringly beautiful woman as myself. Jack off in less than five minutes and you owe me no rent. But fail and u owe me triple the amount! Got It!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, BDSN, Masturbation Humiliation, Scissor, Kasey Storm, Scissorhold, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, DomNation

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ScissorVixens – SVDL-1180 You Can’t Handle My THIGHS! – Taz

ScissorVixens - SVDL-1180 You Can't Handle My THIGHS! - Taz

We were 1st told about Taz during Fetcon (annual fetish convention) when another producer showed us her pictures and said…”Hey, I got a girl you might be interested in!”.

One look at her pics showing off her powerful physique was all we needed!

When she showed up to our shoot she even looked better in person wearing a short dress that showed off her big, powerful thighs…we knew someone was about to get CRUSHED!

She told us that her athletic background includes many years in gymnastics, bodybuilding n powerlifting (she can leg press over 800 pounds!) and it definitely shows!

She also told us her best body-part is her butt and when we told her to use it to clamp down on her reverse head scissors she replied…”If u really want me 2 pulsate and flex my glutes in the reverse…I am really going to hurt this guy!”.

And hurt him she does in her debut ScissorVixen video!

There’s not much of a scenario in this video other than girl walks in room, sees wimpy guy sitting there and tells him…”You Can’t Handle MY THIGHS!”.

Isn’t that every scissor fan’s fantasy!?

No reason necessary other than the girl wanting to prove you are no match for her powerful thighs and then proceeds to prove it one CRUSHING SCISSOR hold after the other!

Watch as the cute powerlifting powerhouse turns him into a whimpering mess by wrapping her 25″-inch ‘cranium crushers’ around his neck and squeezes him into semi-consciousness over n over again!

Just one look at his terrified face and you know Taz could easily snap him in half if she wanted to!

But in the end it is her reverse head scissors that prove most DEVASTATING, scooping his head up high and tight into the CRUSH ZONE, locking him in, clamping down and pulsating her glutes until he drifts off into scissor heaven!

Trust us…you don’t want to miss Taz’s debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘You Can’t Handle My THIGHS!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Figure-4, ScissorVixen, Scissor, Scissorhold, Taz, Strong Legs

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Scissorvixens – Briella Jaden – Killa Legz!

Scissorvixens - Briella Jaden - Killa Legz!

This loser claims I cut him off in traffic so now it’s time to show him why my license plate reads ‘Killa Legz’!

BRUTAL Briella Jaden returns to ScissorVixens once again and this time she’s unleashing her lethal legs on Drew!

The last time we shot with Briella she told us she could have gone much harder and so for this video she was more than determined to show Drew just how powerful her legs can be!

And she most definitely did that n more!

One look at her determined face and you know she’s putting 110% of her leg power into every SQUEEEEEZE!

In fact…at one point we thought she broke one of Drew’s ribs in a VICIOUS body scissors that had him immediately screaming in agony followed by nearly passing out from the relentless python-like pressure of her thighs!

But what would u expect from a sexy, fit dancer who has ‘Killa Legz’ on her license plate!?

She cuts Drew off in traffic and he flips her the finger.


She follows him home and practically lets herself into his house while he’s on the phone complaining to a friend about “…some crazy bitch who cut me off!”.

But what Drew doesn’t realize is that Briella Jaden and her Killa Legz are about to cut something else off as well…his ability to breath!”.

“I will show you why they are called KILLA LEGZ!”, she tells him while pulling him down to the floor and wrapping her sexy, fishnet-clad thighs around his neck!

Watch as Briella ‘gets off’ on watching, and feeling, Drew struggle to escape her insanely TIGHT grip around his throat threatening him…”I can go tighter!…Do you want me to go tighter!?”.

Then she makes him tap-out from a noose-like figure-4 that has him on the verge of passing out!

After squeezing every ounce of fight and energy out of him, Briella tells him …”I will show you why they (her legs) put the KILLA in Killa Legz!”, as she pulls his head and neck back into an EXCRUCIATING across-the-throat neck scissors!

As he frantically struggles to break free and breath she tells him…”You are really going to die!”.

Listen as she laughs while watching him slowly fade away to unconsciousness and with her hands on her hips, Briella walks over his lifeless body n says…”That’s why I am the Killa…Killa Legz bitch!”.

So check out Briella Jaden as she turns it up a more than a few notches in her latest ScissorVixen video titled ‘Killa Legz!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Fishnets, Stockings, Briella Jaden, Figure 4, ScissorVixen, Scissor, Scissorhold, Head Scissor

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Reality Girls Scissors – “I Will Snap Your Neck” 1080 HD

Reality Girls Scissors - "I Will Snap Your Neck" 1080 HD

Mikaela looks ultra-beautfiul with her perfect black hair pinned back by a baseball cap worn backwards while she watches TV and headscissors Chad. Mikaela is so much stronger than her slave. She controls him, changing the challens on the TV with the remote she says she`ll beat him with. Her anaconda headscissors swallow his throat as she pinches his nose then clamps back down on the hold that turns him purple. Mik admires her quad, turning it over on his jaw, slapping it in admiring its composition. She doesn’t like that he can talk n turns her attention from television to crushing his trach. She slaps him in the face with her hat and puts it back on while headscissoring him. A figure 4 headscissors finds him fading n sputtering. He whines and she mocks him. “I`ll snap your neck,” she says jerking his neck in the hold. “That calf is pretty intense, huh?” she says of her super-human calf muscle digging into his neck. Skullcrushers that change the shape of his face as her quads flex. Mikaela looks as beautiful here as ever. The baseball cap is hot. A rear naked choke swallows him as heer tan arms explode. An armbar – a figure-4 in which she wraps up his own arm she uses to hurt him. The anaconda headscissors turns him blue as she punches her own quad, showing off how solid it is. She laughs at his desperate sounds from her one-legged calf choke. More long anaconda throatscissors. She slaps his face, hard. “Stop moving!” she says, slapping him again n again. Mik relaxes as he suffers. She won’t let him move without a hard slap as he begins to panic and she runs her hand along her rock-hard thigh flexing over his neck. He dares to cough on her so she gets him in her shoulder-breaker, then a hammer lock. She drapes a pillow over his eyes as she crushes his jaw in her vise grip headscissors and he gets silent as she stares at TV. She tells him it’s time for him to pay for her nails getting done. Mik gets mad and her ankles slap as she cranks out a straight headscissors looking perfectly pretty as his eyes start to go and she laughs.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Young Mistress, Mikaela, Scissor, Scissorhold, Mixed Wrestling, Figure 4, Latina, Calves, Wrestling, Domination

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Deadly Dommes – Domme Dietrich – Panty Sniffer Punishment

Deadly Dommes - Domme Dietrich - Panty Sniffer Punishment

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Deadly Dommes, DD, Ball Abuse, Redhead, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Pantyhose, Scissor, Scissorhold

150 mb
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When you let Goddess Luna Li down. Especially if she’s had a bad day. Well then something is bound to be broken. Most likely your balls if u happen to be her slave!!

The Goddess has had it with her lackadaisical slave! She’s going to make him feel as smothered n Chokked as she does after a hard days of Goddess work! It’s not fair that he cannot get all of his chores done! It’s not bad enough that he has to work 14 hours a day so that he can give her all of his money! He doesn’t make enough money and he can’t get his work done. What a Fuckin Loser! Domina Luna Wraps her beautiful legs around his neck and shows him how she feels, She squeezes that life right out of him. But she’s quick to bring him back to his senses when she starts pummeling n kicking his miserable balls, while repeatedly calling him a loser.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, AsianMeanGirls, Asian, Luna Li, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Verbal Humiliation, Faceslapping, Asian Goddess, Faceslap, Degradation, Humiliation, Face Slap, Face Slapping, Scissor, Scissorhold

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Savannah Fox’s Fetish Fantasies – Queen Quake VS Super Man

Savannah Fox's Fetish Fantasies - Queen Quake VS Super Man

Queen Quake has been paid by Lex Luthor to end the man of steel. Shes laid a trap for Superman, but he underestimates the queen and is taken by surprise when she delivers some crushing punches. But that’s not all the quake has, When this queen drops her big booty it lets of a massive seismic quake right in Superman’s face! Seeing the hero weakened she pounces. She shoves his face deep within her ass cheeks. All u can hear is the muffled superheros cries as he tries to escape from her huge ass. He can barely breathe as her ass is so enormous, its in danger of suffocating him. She lets him free laughing in his face. Superman blindly reaches up trying to regain his composure and pulls off the Queens bra. Well she’s more then happy to smother the superhero that way as well. She strips the superhero naked, when he tries to resist she puts him in a vicious head scissor. He begs for his life but Queen pays no mind n explains that shes annihilated hundreds of men with her ass. The only way she might let him go if she gets to humiliate the mighty superman. She orders him to worship her ass. He kisses and licks her asshole trying to please her. Shes not impressed though and decides to sit on his face. She makes him a deal, if he can get her off before she smothers him out, she`ll let him go. She rides his face bouncing her big booty. She moans in delight, as he struggles underneath her… until he struggles no more. I guess he lost that bet, but Queen doesn’t want the fun to stop just yet. She turns around n grinds her pussy into orgasm. Thats when she notices superman’s super cock. She cant help herself and starts to play with it. Wouldn’t that be fun getting Supermans last nut. She takes him in her mouth to see if she can coax the super sperm out from his limp body.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Blowjob, Savannah Fox, Mixed Fighting, Superheroines, Ass Smothering, Facesitting, Ass Fetish, Facesit, Smother, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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