Scissorvixens – Dee “The Dominator” – Monday Night SCISSORS!

Scissorvixens - Dee "The Dominator" - Monday Night SCISSORS!

Real-life NYC domme, Dee ‘The Dominator’, debuts in her first ScissorVixen video as a housewife tired of trying to compete for her husband’s attention! He seems more turned on by sitting in front of the tube watching football n holding a remote control in his hands then holding his gorgeous blonde wife in his arms.

So when she decides to put on a sexy but naughty schoolgirl outfit and tease him by stepping in front of the TV he tells her to move. She asks him if he likes what she’s wearing and all he can say is…”Come on hunny…you know what night it is…it’s Monday Night Football!…so why don’t u just go out to the kitchen and get me another beer if you don’t mind”.

Oh boy! Now most husbands and boyfriends know that kind of talk will get you into plenty of trouble but certainly not the kind of trouble this guy soon finds himself in! Dee ‘The Dominator’ not only delivers his beer but also delivers her thighs around his neck and says…”So Monday Night Football is what you want sweetie?…ok….how about Monday Night Scissors instead!?”.

Watch as Dee ‘The Dominator’ shows u why she’s one of the most popular dommes in NYC as she completely pulverizes her hubby with her thighs relentlessly snapping, chopping n squeezing him over and over again! At one point she sarcastically says…”Oh sweetie…I bet you’d like to know what the score is right…? It’s you ZERO and me WON!”.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Schoolgirl, ScissorVixen, Scissor, Scissorhold

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Femdom Babe – Robin – Valentine Scissor and Smother Revenge! Robin gets even as she scissors in Panty Hose!!

Femdom Babe - Robin - Valentine Scissor and Smother Revenge! Robin gets even as she scissors in Panty Hose!!

Robin, dressed in a sexy white mini dress, pantyhose n stilettos, is waiting for her dinner date! In fact, she’s been waiting all week! Valentine’s Day was a week ago and Steve promised her a fantastic dinner out! Steve postponed the date on Valentine’s evening, telling Robin he had to work late. Then he postponed every day since…same excuse! Robin turned down many wonderful admirers who sent her beautiful gifts because she promised Steve she’d go with him. This day, Stupid Steve, shows up in his swim suit holding a stuffed elephant as a gift! In fact, he’s been next door swimming with neighbours and found the stuffed elephant in their yard! Robin recognises the elephant and is livid! Steve must pay!!!! And he does! Robin uses her incredible, thighs to inflict severe pain as she grips Steve’s head n crushes it! Steve is easily KO’d by these gorgeous yet mind blowingly awesome legs! Robin rope ties Steve’s wrists n ankles! Now it’s time for some fun! She uses her gorgeous breasts to wipe the smirk off his face and smother him to the point of unconsciousness! She uses her ass to flatten his face, clearly making it impossible to breathe! But soon she resorts chair bondage! Robin traps Steve under a chair and sits on it, with Steve’s head stuck in a perfect position for an agonising front head scissor! Here Steve will suffer immense cruelty as Robin’s thighs play games with Steve’s head n neck! Oh this is a sexy hot scissor game! Don’t mess with Robin’s emotions or she’ll mess with your head! Enjoy!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Robin, Femdom Babe, Scissor, Scissorhold, Mixed Wrestling, Pantyhose, Smother, Pantyhose Domination, Smothering, Facesitting, Humiliation, Face Sitting, Face Sit, Facesit

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Step Sister Wants His Balls – Miss Luminous, Lance

Step Sister Wants His Balls – Miss Luminous, Lance

Lance n Luminouss parents are getting married, so they are about to become step siblings. Lance has always been very attracted to his Step Sister to be, but he has no idea that she is really turned on my hurting men.

She teases him a little in her tight leggings n high heels, then gives him a light knee to the balls. She starts off light, but gets serious really quick…

Lance doesnt know what is happening as she makes him grab her tight perfect ass, and bounces around with her perfect round tits, but keeps kneeing n kicking him in the nuts every time he starts to get hard. After she drops him with a serious of repetitive brutal kicks, she puts him in a scissor hold between her perfect thighs… she has plans 4 her new step brother…

Lance comes to tied to a ball in a dungeon. His legs are tied up so they are spread apart and his sexy as hell Step Sister to be is standing in front of him shaking her perfect ass.

She wants to welcome Lance to the family, but she isnt sure that his balls are welcome. She teases him relentlessly and kicks and knees him hard, threatening to cut them off. Lance is gagged and has no choice but to try to endure her brutality.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sweet Femdom, Bondage Male, Luminous, Scissor, Scissorhold, Miss Luminous, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, CBT

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Sensual Jane Boy friend

Sensual Jane Boy friend

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor, Mixed Wrestling, Jane, Sensual Domination, Pussy Worship, Pussy Licking, Pussy Eating, Scissorhold, Strong Legs

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16 min

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Kelly Kalshnik – Strong Thighs VS wanker

Kelly Kalshnik - Strong Thighs VS wanker

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor Head, Face Sitting, Smothering, Smother, Masturbation, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Facesit, Face Sit, Facesitting

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Bratty Beatdowns – Andi Page – Andi Page KO’s Octavio

Bratty Beatdowns - Andi Page - Andi Page KO's Octavio

Andi returns once more to show off her immense strength and power. This time poor Octavio is in her sights. He is still learning the ropes himself n soon finds out just what it’s like to be put out by Andi. Not realizing how strong she is he forgets to tap and before he knows it it’s night night! Don’t worry we caught the whole thing on camera including as he wakes back up. After he gets back up, she continues the abuse, using her legs, arms n ass to completely overwhelm him. Octavio clearly wishes he was somewhere else as the abuse continues n Andi decimates him.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Scissorhold, Beatdowns, Octavio, Facesitting, Scissor, Facesit, Face Sitting, Face Sit, Andi Page, Bratty Beatdowns

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Scissorvixens – Skylar Rene – ‘I’m The BULLY Now!’

Scissorvixens - Skylar Rene - 'I'm The BULLY Now!'

It’s been quite a while since we last worked with the always GORGEOUS Skylar Rene and we finally got the opportunity to do so again when the Cali-girl decided to visit the east coast n Florida.

Skylar is known for many things such as her striking good looks, her perfectly tanned skin and of course those big, powerful legs n amazing butt!

She’s also known for her nice 6-pack abs n during this visit she was as fit as we’ve ever seen her!

This was our newbie victim’s first shoot for ScissorVixens and his 1st encounter with Skylar Rene. Talk about tossing the poor guy into the DEEP END head 1st…literally!

This was also a custom video request in which Skylar Rene asks for the help of a guy who supposedly knows self-defense and fighting techniques in her preparation to take on a former bully that hasn’t seen her for years.

Skylar plans on getting the bully to agree to a handicap match by tying his hands behind his back so she starts out doing just that with the trainer who by now seems to recognize her from somewhere.

After noticing how big and powerful Skylar’s thighs are the trainer suggest that she use her legs to do most of the damage and that’s exactly what Skylar Rene does…to him!

“Ahhhh…I see that you don’t recognize me!” Skylar tells the shocked trainer.

“Remember how u used to pick on me n beat me up when we were much younger!?. You are the bully I’m going to DESTROY!”.

Skylar takes his advice and starts to squeeeeeze the daylights out of the helpless man all the while his hands are tied behind his back.

After about te min he pleads for her to untie his hands to which she agrees.

“Now that I have squeezed the life out of you for the past ten minutes I don’t think you have enough fight left in you to stop me from squeezing u some more!”.

After freeing his hands the now lifeless former bully shows no sign of being able to fight back and endures several more minutes of CRUSHING scissor torture between Skylar Rene’s brutal thighs!

So for all you boy-bullies out there you may want to think twice about picking on that neighborhood girl down the street because sometimes they grow up to be big, powerful women like Skylar Rene in ‘I am The BULLY Now!’.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Young Mistress, Teen, Scissorhold, Skylar Rene, Strong Legs

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Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts

Nikki Next is such a rare combination of extreme beauty, skill and mean streak it’s often hard to believe we are lucky enough to watch her hurt people. She destroys opponents with a smile on her perfect face n here lets Thin Man know early he is in for a terrible day in the woods, clamping on her infamous reverse headscissors and putting him to sleep out of the gate. She was just talking about her ass being in his face and her legs around his neck when he went to sleep in her perfect grip. She lets him have air then proceeds with hurting him, abusing him. Nikki Next is the queen of the reverse headscissors. No one gets in without getting knocked out at some point. She owns him here, sings him a song when she puts him out again in a sleep he has trouble recovering from. She powers the hold back on — her perfect ass in his face, her steel quads crushing his neck. He gasps and panics n coughs in a fit. All she wants is for him to move his head so she can now lock her straight headscissors on — her thighs looking bigger and more cut from her workout routine that’s also adding muscle to her biceps, triceps and shoulders, which were already developed and wide for her size. Nikki just keeps pouring on the power as Loren films. Nikki cuts an evil eye at the camera n cinches down, making Thin Man scream in a straight headscissors from hell. She always seems to have a little extra to prove when a girl is filming. Poor Thin Man; it’s not his fault he’s caught between Nikki’s quads that expand and explode with impressive mass around his neck as he wails a high-pitched gasp, then screams from the pressure. He takes a lot here as she forces him to. Nikki Next, wither her placid smile n quiet cruelty loves hurting people in headscissors. The power it gives her is like nothing else. She crosses her arms and refuses to honor his tap, saying “Breathe.” When the Hollywood scissor queen says “breathe” the person in her legs is toast. He sleeps again. She taunts him and snaps her legs out, jerking his neck n praising her leg power. She even yells at him because he’s gasping at such a pitch from the pain and pressure that it is annoying her. She just keeps squeezing, telling him “Don’t forget to breathe.” She lets him, and then… Snap! She rocks his neck — the lines of her impeccable quads seen so deep by the camera it’s clear water could be poured into them. She strains her pretty face n soaks up the sun while pouring on more headscissors pressure. Each time her sneakers lock it seems to worsen for him; his breathing terrifying — his face red and purple and blue. In the end he can’t catch his breath or stop coughing in this punishing display of headscissors power by a true superstar and a truly elite beauty, the great 19-year-old Nikki Next.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Reality Girls Scissors, Young Mistress, Teen, Nikki Next, Scissor, Scissorhold, Mixed Wrestling, Legs, Domination, Wrestling, Outdoors

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Scissorvixens – Mariah – Spam Folder SCISSORS

Scissorvixens - Mariah - Spam Folder SCISSORS

In ‘Spam Folder Scissors’ gorgeous exotic dancer, Mariah, plays a woman who discovers all of the e-mails she has been sending her boyfriend were intentionally deleted by him when he previously claimed they were getting lost in his spam folder. She’s not too happy that he would mindlessly ignore her messages n decides to send him a new message in person using her power packed dancer thighs!

She pulls him in high n tight, applying extreme pressure with every scissor hold, and starts to rattle off all the other things that he does to annoy her. Eye-popping front head scissors are her favorite as she clearly enjoys the erotic vibrating sensation she gets with his neck pressed up against her pussy while causing him to gurgle in pain every time she pours on the pressure. She also applies a few other torturous leg holds like neck-snapping figure-4’s, rib crushing bodyscissors n smothering reverse headscissors that nearly knock him out cold!

In the end she makes him promise to never delete any of her messages again n gives him one last killer squeeze to make sure this time he gets her ‘Spam Folder Scissors’ message!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissorvixens, Scissorhold, Scissor, Strong Legs, Mariah

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Scissorvixens – SexyMuscleGirl – ‘S.O.D. – Scissors On Delivery

Scissorvixens - SexyMuscleGirl - 'S.O.D. - Scissors On Delivery

Gorgeous blonde muscle MILF SexyMuscleGirl doesn’t like to pay extra for things she’s already paid for so when a parcel delivery man tells her the package he’s delivering will cost her $150.00 C.O.D. (cash on delivery)…she tells him she’ll be right back with the check. Moments later she reappears wearing only a skimpy pink thong bikini with matching top. The surprised delivery man tells her he doesn’t have time to play games and has other packages 2 deliver but soon finds himself in the death grip of SexyMuscleGirl’s thighs! While applying a murderous head scissors she tells him…”This is how I am going to pay you…S.O.D. – Scissors On Delivery!”. Watch as the powerful figure competitor uses her ultra-muscular quads to squeeeeeze the daylights out of him ignoring his pleads for mercy and clearly enjoying every dominant moment as she effortlessly moves from one scissor hold to another! On and on it goes until she finally decides he’s had enough but not before she delivers the final squeeze by CRUSHING the box, and all it’s valuable contents, flat between her oh so sexy, muscular thighs! So for all you delivery men out there who happen to stop by SexyMuscleGirl’s house…u better make sure what you are delivering isn’t going to cost her anything or you can bet it’s going to cost you in a VERY painful way!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissorvixens, Scissoring, Scissorhold, Scissor, Muscular Woman, Strong Legs, Mixed Wrestling

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32 min

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