Reality Girls Scissors – Chi Chi’s Full Power Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout

Reality Girls Scissors - Chi Chi's Full Power Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout

Superstar Chi Chi, the girl with the legs that draw questions in public every day, starts crushing Tom in her trademark straight headscssors, which keeps closing in on heads until they feel like they will pop. Tom hangs on as Chi Chi squeezes. The tiny brickhouse girl locks on a rear naked choke/bodyscissors, making him tap, then a reverse headscissors, using her amazing ass to turn him purple n contort his face. She’s in total control as she smiles and bends her back, her legs tightening around his neck. She loves the power her legs give her. People kiss her ass fawning over them in the street and beg for mercy in their grip on the mat. She abuses Tom’s throat; he’s suffering and she’s happy. A standing headscissors, a side headscissors and Tom is done. Chi Chi forces Rob on the mat with her and pours the headscissors pressure on him. He hangs on in pain as she applies a straight headscissors, into a gymnastic figure 4. The fitness girl taunts him in her side headscissors he fights uselessly to get out of. Her quads explode on his neck. She arches her back and pours on the power, compressing his throat, not letting go until he begs despite his panic-taps. She locks on the MDR, touching her toes to the back of her head as her peerless calf muscle digs in to his throat. More straight headscissors, including cruel snapping headscissors that make Chi Chi laugh. A reverse headscissors – Rob pulling at her clinched legs is like pulling at concrete slabs. They sound like it as he taps in a throatscissors. “That’s what I call a tap; I need to feel it — like you are really panicking,” Chi Chi says. Then a challenge. “You ready for 100%?” she asks Rob about taking her full power headscissors. He tells her she will break his jaw. “If that’s what it takes,” the kind but often ruthless girl says, placing his head in her crotch and forcing him to face her. She crashes her thighs into the sides of his head a few times then locks the perfect front headscissors on with a snap of her ankles. Full power from the girl whose legs are as strong as anyone’s. He taps. She won’t let go and he goes to sleep hard as she laughs resting her feet on his face as he wonders where he is. Chi Chi’s headscissors are so dangerous the spreading fear of them is deserved. Rob learns what taking taking the full power of Chi Chi’s legs entails, as he was dizzy and his hearing effected for days after Chi Chi puts him to sleep here.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Chi Chi, Scissor, Scissorhold, Figure 4, Mixed Wrestling, Muscular Women, Calves, Legs, Strong Legs

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Czech Soles – You are a dominatrix? Show me!

Czech Soles - You are a dominatrix? Show me!

Patrik is bored and his new friend Cat has left her purse in his room n left. He has this stupid idea to check her purse out to find out more about Cat. He goes over the purse and he finds some weird stuff – Patrik gets the feeling that she might be some sadist or something. All of the sudden Cat is standing in the door, asking Patrik what the hell is he doing, He’s surprised and he asks her about the things in her purse and if she’s some kind of sadist or something. She comes clean without any shame and admits she makes living as a dominatrix. A dominatrix?? Patrik does not know what to imagine under this and Cat offers him to show him what he means by it. Patrik is not sure he want to know but he agrees. Cat leaves the room, changes her clothes and shoes and comes back as Madam Cat. Patrik is even more surprised than before but Madam Cat does not wait for anything and start to whip his ass using her leather belt. Patrik is backing down on the bed hoping he will be able to flee like this but that only pushes Cat to start to wrestle him. Patrik is maybe a guy but Madam Cat is a strong girl and she has no problem taking hum down, making him submit and even worship her feet in humility. Now Patrik will get to know what a real Czech dominatrix can do.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Footdom, Foot Domination, Czech Soles, Foot Humiliation, Degradation, Humiliation, Beatdowns, Mixed Wrestling, Domination, Madam Cat, Patrik, Soft Wrestling, Dominatrix Feet, Beaten By Girl, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Fetish, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Big Feet, Feet in Face

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16 min

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Reality Girls Scissors – “I Have Arms” Clear HD

Reality Girls Scissors - "I Have Arms" Clear HD

Covering his eyes with her hands, beautiful Sunshine has a secret for Chad. “I`ve arms,” she tells him, locking on her python rear naked choke n leaning back. Impressed by his ability to hang on through great pressure and stay awake, she throws him in reverse headscissors and tries the power of her strong, ripped legs on his neck. Her arms snake around his throat and slowly take air away, turn him purple and have him hanging on with everything in him. She shoves her feet in his mouth and uses his face as a doormat, side foot-gagging him with pinching his nose with the toes of her other foot. Sunshine dominates Chad, who can take pain in such big doses, with her powerful arms and legs and 2 humiliate him, puts him at her feet.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Reality Girls Scissors, Wrestling, ABS, Legs, Hair, Scissor, Scissorhold, Sunshine

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Ball Busting Chicks – Mixed Wrestling and Ballbusting – mp4

Ball Busting Chicks - Mixed Wrestling and Ballbusting - mp4

He get overpowered by the muscular Dominatrix. She abuse him as her practice dummy, for wrestling and self defense exercises. She force him to takes his pants off to wrestle him full nude. Take him in the head scissors to abuse his shriveled up manhood by hard ball squeezing n slapping. Face slapping while str*ngling his neck n punches with her combat gloves in the face and ass spanking. Boxing practice with hard punches in the chest, belly and cock. At the end her favorite exercise, which is ball kicking…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, BallBustingChicks, Ball Abuse, Mixed Wrestling, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Inessa, CBT, Gloves, Glove Fetish

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Erotic Female Domination – Lana, Orsi B – Lana and Orsi Team Up Against A Wrestling Newbie

Erotic Female Domination - Lana, Orsi B - Lana and Orsi Team Up Against A Wrestling Newbie

Lana and I were talking and we figured that we would bring you down here for some wrestling fun. See, we love nothing more than to get on the mat and have a good time, so why not join us? We will promise not to team up! All you`ve to do is take on one of us at any one time and if we want to tag out, we can do that. Sound good? Well then let’s get down to it and grapple!

We never realized how strong you were! Seems like you have had a little experience in the gym before, even if it isn’t wrestling that got you so fit in the 1st place. In fact, you are doing such a good job that it only makes sense for you to have to wrestle 2 of us at the same time. So let’s ditch the previous rule – it’s a three-way bout whether u like it or not.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Dual Domination, Lana, Orsi B, Wrestling, Double Domination

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Dangerous Legs – Jordana – Reverse Headscissor Challenge

Dangerous Legs - Jordana - Reverse Headscissor Challenge

Our challenge videos have proven to be very popular, so we decided to ask Jordana (aka Scarlett) to see how many tapouts she could squeeze out of her victim in ten minutes. Excited by the challenge, she locks his neck n head deep into her thong-clad crotch and crushes him senseless with her shapely legs and perfect ass! Check it out and see how many times she gets him to tap!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Dangerous Legs, Jordana, Scissor, Scissorhold, Challenges, Crush, Crushing, Smothering, Scarlett, Smother, Legs, Mixed Wrestling

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10 min

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Charlee Chase Live – Charlee Chase, Andrea Rosu – Sweet Scissor Revenge

Charlee Chase Live - Charlee Chase, Andrea Rosu - Sweet Scissor Revenge

I have got a little surprise for Elijah. We are sitting on the bed, about to make out, or so he thinks, when my friend Andrea walks in the room. Elijah is stunned n can’t even wrap his head around the situation at hand. Obviously, Andrea and I`ve been talking to one another and we both know he’s been fucking us both, though keeping his indiscretions to himself. We have plotted a brutal revenge on him for being unfaithful. He loves our curvy bodies and he’s about to get both at the same time, but not in the way he’d like. We work together, using our strong thick thighs to scissor him, making him wriggle n wince in agony as we squeeze his neck, his body, together and 1 at a time. This is a lesson he won’t soon forget!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Redhead, Scissor, Scissorhold, Wrestling, Brunette, Pornstars, Legs, Charlee Chase, Andrea Rosu

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7 min

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German Goddess Femdom Fighting – Goddess Leana – Dominated Lush

German Goddess Femdom Fighting - Goddess Leana - Dominated Lush

German Goddess Leana is offended at the half naked lush on her sofa after a long party with too much drinks.

She grabs him and wears him down to the floor. She orders him to leave but he stills babbles trash and so he needs 2 be squashed by the goddess.

She presses his head down and sits on his neck, her legs wrapped around his head. She leans back and traps his head with her legs so his head nearly pops out of his neck. She moves around without releasing his head between her strong tattoed legs. He is moaning n babbling in pain. Its a bizarre sound combination of his moaning and her leather boots crackling n sizzling by her pressing power.

Forced back on the sofa he gets his face slpapped and his fat body pinned by the beautiful and powerful Goddess. She uses all his body as cushion and pins, boxes n slaps it all the time.

German Dialouge.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Kicking, GGFF, Goddess Leana, Leana, Goddess, Verbal Abuse, Schoolgirl, Leather, Schoolgirl Pin, Boots, Tatto, Younger Woman, Young Mistress, Older Man, Mixed Fighting, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Female Fighting, Scissor, Scissorhold

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9 min

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Crush Wrestling – Sydney Thunder – How DARE you, Mr Photographer!!!

Crush Wrestling - Sydney Thunder - How DARE you, Mr Photographer!!!

Sydney Thunder is at it again… this time she’s shooting for a sexy fitness girl magazine, and Jeb, the photographer, keeps wanting more n more, pushing the limits with muscular Syd. He has already tried to “perv on her” in the past, and she is none too pleased with his ongoing inappropriate behavior. When he finally says “u better make it more sexy, or I can’t pay you”, she loses it. She is a hot head, and a hot woman! But her temper is bad news for poor Jeb! Her powerful quads CRUSH every organ in his puny body, and she taunts him mercilessly in the process. Even her thick, muscular calves get into the action and nearly destroy his weak neck/throat. The brutal headscissors, chokes, and ass wedges cause Jeb extreme pain and humiliation, and he is in for a BIG surprise when he awakens from a headscissor knockout…. Sydney called his girlfriend, Misery, and she’s on the way over to deliver additional punishment. Jeb can’t believe how bad his day is turning out to be!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Crush Wrestling, Sydney Thunder, Scissor, Scissorhold, Wrestling

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Scissorvixens – Kierra Wilde – I’ve Got the MOTHER of all THIGHS!

Scissorvixens – Kierra Wilde – I’ve Got the MOTHER of all THIGHS!

Since u can’t seem to keep your eyes off of my mother’s thighs, it’s time to show you the REAL MOTHER of all THIGHS!

At ScissorVixens we`ve no shortage of GORGEOUS and FIERY redheads n Kierra Wilde is certainly no exception!

The 5’6″ beauty loves working out and boy does it show from head to toe on her very fit and firm physique.

She was even kind enough to warn us before our 1st shoot with her…”Yeah…I`ve very strong legs from dancing, gymnastics n the gym!”.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixens, Kierra Wilde, Scissorhold, Scissor, Lang English, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling, String Bikini, Topless

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