Teased n Left in Torment

Teased n Left in Torment

Red Ameland needs a foot massage and an orgasm. She sits across from a sub named Charlie on a futon n makes him put strawberry flavored massage oil on her feet. He quickly goes 2 work, massaging n sucking on her feet, but Red still thinks he needs encouragement 2 do a good job, so she uses her other foot n her hand 2 squeeze, slap n crush his cock n balls.

As she gets hornier, Red pulls out a big vibrator n starts 2 pleasure herself. It turns her on to watch Charlie squirm in pain, so she also puts the vibrator on his sensitive and sore cock n balls. The closer she gets 2 cumming the more she abuses Charlie, and she isn’t done fucking with him after she has an orgasm.

She knows Charlie hasn’t been allowed 2 cum in a very long time, so she rubs her wet pussy all over his face, smothering him with her sexy ass and crotch in her spandex leggings. His cock is throbbing hard as she tramples n smothers him.

She asks him how bad he wants 2 cum, and when he begs her 4 release she gets a great idea. She turns the vibrator 2 it’s highest setting n shoves it down his tight underwear right against his sore balls.

“I am going 2 leave this here 4 twelve hours. It might feel good at 1-st, and if u try really hard, u might be able 2 cum this way, but if u remove this vibrator at all, I am going to cut your balls off…”

She leaves him in agony, trying 2 get himself off with out using his hands.

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