Tell Me to Squeeze Your Balls

Tell Me to Squeeze Your Balls

Sadie comes back 2 her dorm room wear Lance is naked n bewildered. Now she is wearing a more fierce outfit: tight shiny leotard, shiny pantyhose n knee high latex high heeled boots…

She notices that he is still stroking his hard cock. She left him with blue balls, and loves it. Sadie teases him, asking how bad he wants to cum, then looks up into his eyes with a smile n grabs his balls, “U wouldn’t mind if I squeeze would u…?”

Sadie playfully toys with Lance, encouraging him to keep stroking his cock, but not letting him cum until she wants him to. She taps his balls n makes him beg her 2 squeeze them hard. She tells him that right after he cums she is going to knee him in the balls…

“Tell me to squeeze them harder n I might not rip them off…”

Sadie straddles his face, making him breathe in her pussy 2 tease him more, then she lets him cum all over her pantyhose, then knees him in the balls n leaves him.

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