Terrible Ass Tease

Terrible Ass Tease

Cammy starts lubing up Lances cock, and then tells him that he’s not aloud to cum. She jerks him off in a very sensual way. Cammy has exellant camera awareness BTW, and does an amazing job of keeping a sexy pose while she jerks his dick….

When he gets close 2 cumming she stops and make him give her a back massage. Her ass looks amazing in that tight black bodysuit n argyle tights, and it drives him crazy when she grinds it against his hard cock while he’s massaging her.

She even makes him massage her tight ass, knowing it’s driving him crazy. Cammy even reaches back 2 make sure his dick is throbbing hard while he massages her.

When she feels like she’s got him as horny as possible, and she’s satisfied from her back rub, she gets up and leaves him with blue balls.

Keywords: Femdom, Cock Tease, Body Suit, Tights, Blue Balls, Massage, Orgasm Denial, Handjob

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9 min

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