Testicle Torture Rack

Testicle Torture Rack

We brought this slave to Mean Girl Man0r 2 be used as a test slave 4 our new “Testicle T0rture Rack”. He is progressing fairly nicely in his training as one of Our regular ballbusting slaves. He came to us as a pathetically weak ballbusting slave, but We hope 2 take him down a path of complete testicle DESTRUCTION- and this device should help us in his progression down that road! We hope this is where we can put a lot of our slaves once we work the kinks out, LOL. So We strap his legs into the straps n crank the winches a few times 2 spread his legs 4 us- whether he wants to or not lol. Then we handcuff his hands down 2 the board behind him so we get a clear shot to kick him in the balls- and he can NOT put his hands out to try 2 stop us! Oh, and notice the notch we had carved in front so we can get some clear swingpath 4 our legs to deliver some good ballbusting right to his exposed nuts without fear of hitting the wood with Our gorgeous feet! Well, u`ll see how exactly it works in the video, as we literally used ratchets n cables 2 attach him in it. But I`ll give u a hint by saying, this slave would have been much better off if he would have just kept his upper body back n out of the way LOL. (He still kept moving forward! Argh! So we plan on making some improvements 2 it and making it even sturdier so that the slave is further immobilized and made COMPLETELY helpless- 4 its own good!) Because he kept trying 2 scoot back n lean forward, it actually caused us to nail him with several “toe-punts” right 2 his sac LOL.

WARNING: The video did need 2 be ended early due to slaves STUPID move of starting to leak redd stuff! Ugh! SOOO annoying!! But we get some REALLY solid kicks in before that! LOL The 3 of us are like the HARDEST ballbusters at Mean Girl Man0r, so this poor slave was REALLY in 4 it! LOL
***This video features several “super slo-mo” repeats on the best kicks so u can see them again in slo-mo to REALLY see the “CONNECTION” of our boots with the slave’s BALLS! LOL. Let us know what u think of it!!***

FEATURING: Princess Cindi, DommesNo and Princess Carmela

Keywords: Ballbusting, Bondage, Kicking, Female Domination, BDSM, Humiliation, Femdom, Boots

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