Thank Me For Beating You

Thank Me For Beating You

The spoiled Empress Victoria returns from a ride an now she relaxes in the her big chair. She is in the mood 2 make a male suffer, that’s why one of her slave was brought to her, who is bound now n laying on the ground. A perfect n helpless victim 4 the blond sadist. Victoria stands up. She has so endless legs! She opens the belt and with a mean smile pulls it out of her jodhpurs. She takes a good position n then she brings down the belt like a whip on his back. The slave moans in pain but Victoria says: “U forgot something! Don’t u want 2 thank me?” He apologize n now he thanks her after every single lash. That’s what the Empress enjoys the most. Making a slave suffer n humiliating him at the same time. Later he is made 2 kiss her dusty boots 4 a while, before she starts over 2 whip him with the leather belt.

Keywords: Chastity, Female Domination, Victoria, Humiliation, Femdom, Whipping, Boots, Boot Domination, Free

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6 min

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